Monday, April 4, 2011

The Monday Corner 4/4/2011

Movie Watched This Past Week:

Waste Land - intriguing and heartfelt but I couldn't help feeling as if a few of the interviewees were over posturing for the camera - a real pet peeve.

Badlands - thus completes my Terrence Malick directorial viewing. I took a bit of a whopping on twitter last week for saying I don't think all of Malick's films are perfect, and dared to not like one of them at all. This didn't change my mind. Beautiful but cold and emotionless. I like my emotion thick like a Spanish soap opera. Still, the movie fan in me suffered a near stroke at seeing a young Sissy Spacek go scene to scene with a young Martin Sheen.

For your Consideration:

As always, we here at LiE love to send out the love to blogs who have achieved long running status. In that honor we give our highest congratulations to Rachel's Reel Reviews which just turned four years old!

When The Great White Dope does his Foreign Poster Atrocities post, I sprint faster than a cheetah after a zebra just after a hunger strike to take a bite out of the new installment. This latest one, is beautiful. Seriously, there were tears... of uncontrollable laughter and pain.

Flick Pick Monster tackles the cinematic-gasmic styling of movie endings with their breakdown of the best final shots and scenes of all time!

Rupert Perkins Speaks and the people listen as they deliver the Cinematic Alphabet. And if you like that, be sure to check out Defiant Success who takes a stab at the challenging collection.

I may link to him a lot, but there's a good reason for it. He's one of the finest writers out there, and this week he's tackling overt Americanism in films - and the alienating cost of it. It's DARK OF THE MATINEE!

Poll Update:

Weinstein, we feel sorry for you. Not. Oh snap!

1. 15 votes: Original was awesome, no need to mess with it (but it did happen, all because parents want to be certain their children doesn't hear unoffensive vulgar language used in therapeutic means).
2. 4 votes: Wait wait, what? (yeah... I know... my first thought exactly. You'd think they would have learned after what FX, TNT, and USA have done to some absolute gems and made them laughing stocks)
3. 2 votes: Won't help the movie either way (you have no soul! Or just didn't like this movie... either way)
4. 1 vote: Alright then... we'll wait and see (I love you sole cautious optimist of my reading base)
5. 0 vote: I can't wait (thus ends any signs of optimism here at LiE, thank you for playing)

New Poll: It's not long now, and advertising has been kicked up into the third gear for the return... of Scream! I want to know - how are you feeling about the upcoming installment?

PLEA FOR HELP of the Week:
That's right ladies and gents, I need your help. It's come to my attention that despite my efforts, the Monday Corner is slowly dying in terms of readership, and even more so in terms of comments. So, I ask you: WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD CHANGE/ADD TO MAKE THE MONDAY CORNER BETTER?

Why the caps? Because you people scroll past stuff too darned quickly if you don't see your blog in underlined blue! Have a good Monday everyone :).

9 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

Thank you for the linkage good sir. Speaking of alienation, I was more worried by creating that post that I would alienate a lot of my American audience. 'Twas encouraging to see so many people up for a conversation.

MovieNut14 said...

Yay, linkage! That's what makes the world go round. Or cookies. I always get those two mixed up.

simoncolumb said...

You should have more linkage to my site. Thats whats missing! Your readership will improve - and so will your sex life. No lie.

Joking, seriously I think its great the way it is. I thought you used to have a song choice of the week and I liked that (or maybe that wasn't you... but it would be a great addition at any rate). But 'The Monday Corner' is a post im always keen to read as it is...

Maybe a 'crap-post' of the week ... that would be good. A little offensive I guess, but funny at any rate! I'll put myself up for the first one... im sure you'll find something crap on my site pretty easily.


Rich said...

I was all psyched for 'Scream 4' until I read that the script's gone through some massive rewrites and Wes Craven said it doesn't represent his complete vision or something like that. So I dunno.

In all honesty, I'd rather see you do another full review on Mondays. Not that the Monday Corner is a bad idea; I'd just like to see you do more reviews - especially of older films like 'Badlands.'

Castor said...

Linking as a concept isn't a problem, I know it works as shown by the thousands of hits one can get if you get on the IMDb hitlist or on Slashfilm. However, what to link to plays a big part in the amount of people you can send. Certain type of posts (read lists) are a lot more popular than the rest which is the main reason I almost never link to reviews or other non-interactive content.

Univarn said...

@Mad You'd be surprised how stereotyped Americans can be as a bunch of fat nationalistic supremacists... Gets a bit old. So while you may feel alienated by overt Americanism, lots of feel alienated by overt stereotypes - easy to relate.

@MovieNut Cookies for the win.

@Simon No, the point of Monday Corner is to encourage bloggers who put effort into their posts from a wide spectrum of topics. Not to mock them... granted, I would secretly love to take on a few posts *hehe*. Oh, and yeah, I try to keep TMC down to 4 sections (I've found any more than that and people don't really read). So, I usually swap around the last section with songs, trivia, and questions. Thanks for the feedback!

@Rich I have cut down a lot on reviews, especially classics, as people always ask for them, but hardly any read them. Or they comment on why they aren't reading them. I try to keep it relevant, but I do intend to roll back around to my top 100 and finish reviewing those sooner or later.

@Castor Well obviously I'm not going to send as many links as a major website. But I try to link to posts that I think people should read, even if it isn't one that they necessarily think they want to. Quality over quantity. Besides, people ignore reviews too much for me not to want to link to them. Especially if I think they're indicative or counter to a general opinion.

Simon said...


I'm kidding. Unless I'm not. You decide, bro.

*Badlands High Five*

simoncolumb said...

Well, maybe don't see it as insulting bloggers - more a case of I COMPLETELY DISAGREE WITH 'crap post'. So, me and Hatter completely disagreed over ADJUSTMENT BUREAU for example so, in a completely mocking tone I would be saying "this was so crap, he LIKED adjustment bureau - thats mental". Obviously I don't personally think its crap, just a case for disagreement. Considering all film tastes are subjective we should be more ballsy and really fight for our opinions ... ;)

Lesya Khyzhnyak said...

I have no idea why the Monday Corner faces such hard times and I can't even say what I would change in it.

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