Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obligatory DVD Release Post 3/29/2011

Movies are a bit like candy. The more delicious they are up front the quicker they lose flavor and turn bitter. It is often the case that those of mild sweetness and tangible flavor turn to admiration as that same strength lingers well after the time for most has come. Remember that when you judge a film. Not all that is enticing now, remains as such.

New Releases:

Black Swan: Oh snap! It's Natalie Portman's body double coming in for the steal! Quick, everyone write about how everyone should stop writing about her. That's certainly bound to end the discussion. I mean really, it worked for Rebecca Black. Nobody's talked about not talking about her for a good two minutes now! Win. Seriously though, I'm far from a celebrity apologist, but I do think the body double here is begging for ice cream at a mobsters convention. She's asking the wrong people, for the wrong thing, at the wrong time. Even with a 2011 lineup that looks like Jennifer Aniston leftovers, Portman is a crowd favorite. Besides, body doubles are paid to be faceless stand-ins. If she really wants a boost to her career, she's made a fatal chess move. If you care to know my thoughts on Black Swan, check out the afore hyperlink.

Tangled: It's a bit baffling to me that these days Disney cannot get a break in the animated film department. Tangled and Princess and the Frog are both well received family films, affirming that Disney charm and they can't bite off even $200m in the domestic box office (granted Tangled made $500m worldwide). Both made more then 50% of their take overseas. You know one animated movie made more than Princess and the Frog in '09 alone? G-Force. Moviegoers, you should be ashamed. ASHAMED! Now, I don't think Tangled was the end all be all for animated movies, but it was cute fun with just enough of an edge to bring it all together. Check out my review (linked above) for more information.

Fair Game: All's fair in love and Naomi Watts. That's right Penn, I'm taking you down!

All Good Things: The Ryan Gosling breakdown of a romance you shouldn't watch from last year.

Made in Dagenham: I don't care how cheesy it was, Happy Go Lucky made 2008 awesome. Take me Sally Hawkins, I'm yours.

Other Releases: Cool It (why? are my eggs burning?), IMAX: Hubble (perfect for my small low-def computer)

Limited Releases:

The Ten Commandments (Blu-Ray/DVD Combo set): 250 hours of Charlton Heston talking to burning bushes, we all know the truth...

The Times of Harvey Milk (Criterion): I wasn't as enthusiastic about the movie as many, but I feel it's a powerful story of human accomplishment and a saddening story of human pettiness. Curious to check this one out.

Topsy-Turvy (Criterion): It's Mike Leigh, can't be that bad - right?

So, there you have it. Get your pocket books handy, not too many shabby pickups this week for those who have trailed behind in certain areas. Happy hunting.

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edgarchaput said...

I'm definitely making a pit stop at the store to buy 'Black Swan.'

Heh, your comment about Sally Hawkins in 'Happy Go Lucky' made me chuckle. I've liked her in everything else I've seen her in (usually bit parts however). I really did not like her in that movie though.

SugaryCynic said...

In my (generally incorrect) opinion G-Force was quite obviously straight-up crap without even needing to see it. But Princess and the Frog was (to me when I watched it, anyway) tired, racist crap masquerading as a return to form. With very nice animation. Haven't seen Tangled yet so I can't comment on that but I do plan on watching it now that it's on DVD. And Black Swan but I feel that goes without saying.

Castor said...

Looking forward to give Black Swan a second watch and see how it holds up! Also have some interest in Fair Game and maybe even All Good Things.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

G-Force made more? That is wrong!

Univarn said...

@edgar You didn't like Sally Hawkins in Happy Go Lucky or Made in Dagenham? Careful with that answer, I may only be able to forgive one :P

@Sugary You didn't need to. That movie stunk of rubbish ten miles out, and I'm still not sure why I saw it.

@Castor Interested to hear your thoughts on Black Swan since I remember it not going down quite so smoothly last time.

@AlexJ Alas, people have more money than sense and in some cases that includes those who are unemployed and broke.

Simon said...


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