Monday, March 28, 2011

The Monday Corner 3/28/2011

Movie Watched This Past Week:

Adam's Rib (I was not in the right mood for this)
Bringing Up Baby (just what the doctor ordered... if only Netflix wouldn't send us scratched up copies *sad face*)

For your Consideration:
You never know where you can go until you've been super linked!

Zero Stars are usually reserved for Channing Tatum leftovers and benign indies. However, the Dark of the Matinee is making a case for Zach Snyder's latest delivery, Sucker Punch to be among those most un-hallowed of halls.

What Scene Left You Spellbound? Castor from Anomalous Material wants to know. In my opinion this is an easy answer: The dancing scene from Flubber. You know the one. Ultimate win.

There's no denying that Tennessee Williams has had a profound impact on the shape of narrative in cinema. And in the heyday of the '50s his works were kings of awards. In that honor, Encore Entertainment delivers their top 10 performances in TW adaptations.

Master of all things unknown, The Great White Dope unveils a new series centering on movies you've never heard of.

FlixChatter takes on the past and present, looking at directors no longer with us who would still be able to thrive, and those from the present who still have a fighting chance at continued success.

Poll Update:
Interesting results, but apparently I should have been asking about Wimpy Kids instead.

1. 11 votes: Yes, opening weekend (how'd that go for you?)
2. 10 votes: Yes, in the theater eventually (still sure about this one?)
3. 5 votes: Waiting for the DVD (seems the best course at the moment)
4. 4 votes: No Desire at all (I'm still curious, but not eager)
5. 2 votes: Haven't Made up my mind yet (how about now?)
6. 1 vote: Maybe for television (works for me)

New Poll: How do you feel about The King's Speech going through cuts and getting a special waiver to obtain a PG-13 rating quickline its release?

Movie Soundtrack of the Week:
I could eat up the first 30 seconds of this score like a succulent steak. It's delectable.

Enjoy your Monday!

7 better thoughts:

Rich said...

Why were you not in the right mood for 'Adam's Rib'?

The Mad Hatter said...

Aw man - I'm being recognized for negativity this week. So not my bag!

Guess I'll have to go on a run of positivity in anticipation of my next selection to TMC.

(PS - Found myself watching IN BRUGES a week or so ago and openly wondering why the two-shot of Gleason & Farrell in the pub looked so familiar.)

Univarn said...

@Rich If you check out my post last Wednesday you should be able to figure it out.

@Mad What can I say? I'm drawn to negativity from someone I would generally consider positive with respect to generally considered popcorn entertainment :)

Castor said...

Nothing like a good soundtrack while I'm doing my round around the interweb! Thanks for the linkage sir :)

Simon said...

Oh, Sucker awesome you might've been...

ruth said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out, man. On your 870th post no less! I can always rely on my good friend Ted for such an excellent guest post :)

Univarn said...

@Castor No problem - on both accounts.

@Simon Aye, poor punchers.

@Ruth It was most undoubtedly a good guest post... maybe one of these days I'll get people to do guest posts on my blog. *shrug* then again....

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