Monday, March 7, 2011

The Monday Corner 3/7/2011

First Time Movies Watched This Past Week:

Time Bandits (had me right up until the end)
Stir Crazy (one of those movies where I had pretty much seen it before actually seeing it)
The Thomas Crown Affair - 1968 version (moody McQueen? *squeal*)

For your Consideration:
I apologize for being a bit lax as of late in terms of content, quality, and commenting. Hope to remedy that soon.

In one of the best posts I've read in ages (sorry folks), Mad Hatter goes introspective and comes to a 'Moment of Self-Realization'. So Mad, question on everybody's mind - did you have the right background music blaring for the moment? I'm betting so.

We may have a new challenger to the ranting throne as Max of Anomalous Material takes on the tricky subject matter of Feminism in Movies: Why You Should Care. I do care about feminism, I just don't 'care care' - yes that is a meta-sexist joke. WINNER! (see what I did there? meta-meta-sexism, I'm on fire!)

The delightful blog Being Norma Jeane takes a walk down memory lane with the roles of everybody's favorite super-actor, Alan Rickman.

There was a great moment at a work party this weekend where the Spock vs. Kirk musical theme came into play. I can't explain why, but my mind immediately jumped to the off the cuff dark comedy Cable Guy. To my surprise, Snobby Film Guy had just written a post about it - be sure to check it out!

Kid in the Front Row is dedicating an entire week to the fantastic romantic comedy, The Apartment. His take on the Screenplay is absolutely to die for.

Poll Update:

Yeah, I was a bit slow on this one, sorry about that.

1. 6 votes: Girl Scout Cookie Season Begin (wahoo! drugs.... man...)
2. (tie) 4 votes: 2011 Movie Season Begin (eh) and Infinite Wait for Next Year (double eh)
3. 2 votes: What are these Oscars you speak of? (nude men in gold being thrown around)
4. 0 votes: 2011 Spring TV Season (you're right - nothing new ever comes in Spring)

New Poll: Battle LA opens this week to epic hype. But with Jonathan Liebesman (Darkness Falls and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning - you know the prequel to the remake) behind the lens and Christopher Bertolini (whose only prior film screenplay is The General's Daughter) controlling the pen - I want to know: HOW MUCH FAITH DO YOU HAVE IN THEM TO PULL IT OFF?

Movie Soundtrack of the Week
Is there anything better than spending the day listening to the Serenity soundtrack? I'm sure there is, but I can't think of it.

Have a great Monday Everybody!

6 better thoughts:

Nikhat said...

Thanks for linking.
Gotta love McQueen!

The Mad Hatter said...

Thanks for the linkage good sir. And actually, as mentioned in the post, the piece was written to the sounds of TOP GUN playing on my iMac in the window next to the browser.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The Science Channel is now showing Firefly - odd, huh? And you've really never seen Time Bandits? Now there's a quirky film.

Castor said...

Thanks for the link love!

I heard Battle Los Angeles isn't going to be screened to British movie bloggers. Maybe a bad sign of things to come?

Univarn said...

@Nikhat No problem.

@Mad I know the piece of music playing during the writing but I'm wandering about the 'dawn' moment. Did you pull off the whole nine-yards = bright lights + church music?

@AlexJ Well, too each their own. I'm not a big fan of Terry Gilliam outside Monty Python so I tend to avoid his stuff whenever possible.

@Castor I have a feeling so. I think, like Wolverine, this will be a case of Marketing superseding Film. A true rarity.

Film Conqueror said...

I think Battle: LA looks like just about every other alien movie ever...and I have no interest in seeing it!
And I love The Thomas Crown Affair...hope you did's a good one. Though I've only seen the Pierce Brosnan version...

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