Friday, February 4, 2011

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post 2/4/2011

Wide Releases:

Sanctum: What is it with James Cameron and water? How he managed to make two Terminator films without them going deep sea diving is beyond me. It's an obsession with the man. I'm not saying he shouldn't have an obsession, but really... water? I get that what lies beneath water is a rather fascinating unstudied part of the world. But then again so is what goes on in Paris Hilton's... no, brain isn't the right word. You know I'm going to split the difference and just call it a strawberry. I suppose it helps amp up the whole foreign planet thing. Well, now he's producing a film about people who are in a cave with water and then they get trapped in the cave with water which they must go into the water to get up out of the cave. Follow? Yeah, doesn't help that the acting the trailer was about as intense as a race between a snail and a dry rotted plank of wood. I'll let you debate which is which.

The Roommate: Never heard of it. You know, even though I've typed the name here, read the synopsis on IMDB, looked at the cast list, and read into the director, I still haven't heard of it. That's the power of disinterest. In fact, if I could appropriately scale the overbearing indifference I possess towards this film I would probably place it somewhere between the name of the person who invented Jello and why nobody worth talking to ever says 'lol' in real life instead of just actually laughing.

Limited Releases:

The Other Woman: Oh look, it's the other Natalie Portman movie that isn't the one with Ashton Kutcher. To be honest I didn't get past Lisa Kudrow being in the credits. Something about her instantly makes me want to watch it, love it, hate myself, and ultimately the film. It's a gift she has, I suppose.

Cold Weather: According to IMDB this is also being released this weekend, only in NYC. But it's directed by an indie guy I've never heard of so it must be awesome right?

Well folks that's about all. My recommendation: Go see some Oscar nominees you may have missed.

5 better thoughts:

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Isn't the Roommate the same as Single White Female? No interest there either.

The Mad Hatter said...

Heh, yeah ROOMATE is totally SINGLE WHITE FEMALE...yet another sign that Hollywood is running out of ideas. I've heard of it but only because when I get off the streetcar every morning I walk towards a wall plastered with its posters.

RABBIT HOLE or ANOTHER YEAR will be my flicks of choice this weekend.

Rick said...

When I saw the trailer for "Sanctum" it gave off the vibe of some made-for-TV special. I thought, "Wow, National Geographic is making movies now like Lifetime crossed with the Discovery Channel?"

Castor said...

I'm pretty surprised how much they marketed Sanctum for so long. However, I have absolutely no interest in seeing it.

Simon said...

The Year of Portman commences. Her and Franco should be called 'overexposed', but somehow it doesn't apply to them. I mean, they earned it, right? More than Them Dicks Who Smear My Good State's Name?

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