Friday, February 18, 2011

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post 2/18/2011

Derivative, repetitive, unwanted. No, that's not the name of my latest hip hop group, it's the defining qualities of this week's releases!

Wide Releases:

Unknown: As Emma Thompson once appropriately pointed out, Liam Neeson is "sex on legs"... which is probably why I can't thinking about him. Well, it's either that or the fact that every time he punches a bad guy five women get pregnant. Scientific Fact - you can't handle that guy.

I Am Number Four: Sucks. Having to wait out your life hoping numbers one through three can get knocked off just so you can finally get the movie deal of your dreams. Sorry DJ Caruso, you're nothing without Shia. He made you.

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son: This movie's existence is a plague on all our houses. Oh Martin Lawrence, I remember when you were an edgy young comedian with prospects of a long term film career. Now, even Kat Dennings couldn't make BM2 bearable and you've become relegated to the roles of 'obligatory black friend' and rehashing movies you already made that weren't very successful. So, who's up for Bad Boys 3?

Limited Releases:

Vanishing on 7th Street: Brad Anderson, director of The Mechanist. Oh really? I'm interested... Hayden Christensen, star of more "let's just not ever mention it again" films than I can remember. OK then... Thandie Newton. Not helping matters. John Leguizamo. Gave the best performance in The Happening if that counts for anything. Well, maybe this will be alright. You never know.

Other Releases: I Am, Immigration Tango, Even the Rain, Brotherhood

Well, that's all folks! Happy weekend movie watching. I, for one, will be checking out The Social Network for a second time before we get heavy into Oscar gear.

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Anonymous said...

Ahah, well I never thought of Neeson in that way. I think it's just Emma, maybe she has a crush on him :D Well, even though Unknown is pretty much like Taken 2, it's probably still watchable because of him. I might check it out on matinee, but most likely it'll be Blu-ray watching time at home. Can't go wrong w/ Empire of the Sun.

Simon said...

One day, I'm gonna leave this place...

Univarn said...

@flixchatter you haven't lived... you haven't lived!!!!

@Simon This place as in this world? Or this blog? To be honest I only really care that you stay around here. Supernatural or not, you help boost my comment count (too much?) :P

Simon said...

This place where such a gloriously nice weekend cannot be frittered away inside of a dank movie theatre because nothing's playing. Damn you, weather. Now I have to go out and (L'HORREUR) exercise.

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