Saturday, January 15, 2011

So You Want to Be a TV Personality?

Are you tired of blogging? Do you think you have what it takes to become a hit televisions celebrity for films? If you have any sense you're likely answering no to those two questions and instead saying to yourself: "Why can't I just get paid to write for a website like a decent human being?!?" Unfortunately, not a lot of people have sense. So I've decided to put together this handy ten question sheet to help you decide if you've got what it takes to make it in one of the toughest mediums of all: television. The more you get correct the higher your stock will rise and them ore TV channels that will bring you on. So get your thinking caps at the ready, and here we go!

Question 1: On a scale from 10 to 10, just how awesome are all celebrities?

Question 2: Who is your all time favorite movie director?

a) Christopher Nolan
b) Christopher Nolan
c) Christopher Nolan
d) Michael Bay
e) Other

Question 3: (fill in the blank) This weekend will be __________

Question 4: How great is the movie you just watched?

a) The Greatest Movie Ever
b) The Greatest Movie of the Year
c) The Must See Movie of the Year
d) The Event of a Lifetime
e) Other

Question 5: Approximately how many foreign films have you watched?

a) Wut r furan filmz?
b) A couple (by accident, I swear!)
c) Quite a few actually
d) A lot, love them

Question 6: How many celebrity gossip magazines do you read?

a) All of them
b) > 15
c) 5 - 14
d) < 5

Question 7: On average, how many 'the only film you need to see this year' do you give out?

a) Every Film
b) 75% of films
c) 50% of films
d) 25% of films
e) 0% of films

Question 8: (essay) What would you do to meet Ryan Seacrest?

Question 9: What is the release year of the oldest film you've seen?

a) Before 1970's
b) 1980's
c) 1990's
d) 2000's

Question 10: What is the farthest back you can remember?

a) One week
b) A couple months
c) As far as the writers tell me
d) A year or two

Think you passed with flying colors? Getting your half dress shirt/polo combo out of the closet? Well, wait just one moment! You never know until you check out the answer key bellow!

Answer Key:
1. 10 x 10 = 100.
2. a, b, c, or d.
3. Anything involving the word 'amazing'
4. a, b, c, or d.
5. a, maybe b (depends on how 'omg awsum u r')
6. a or b
7. a, b, or c
8. Must involve: self-decapitation, traveling uphill both ways in snow, and a religious offering at the feet of Seacrest.
9.  b, c, or d
10. a, b, or c

So, how did you do? Post your results (and answers) in the comments section!

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I can barely remember the past five minutes. Did I just take a quiz?

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