Saturday, January 29, 2011

Odd One Out Poster Challenge #6

Sorry it's been so long since I've done one of these - been quite busy and haven't always had the time to do appropriate research into the posters I want to pick. So this week we play it safe with a category I know well enough - Science Fiction! Need to make your film look cool and out of this world? Just throw a long half-moon slash across it and all will end well. Here we go!

For those of you who are new to this, here's a basic rundown: I give you four posters that look vaguely similar. You pick which one is the odd one out and post your comment. Here's the spin: There's no correct answer. The ultimate answer chosen will be based on WHY you feel that poster is the odd one out. Points are awarded, by me, for creativity, out of the box thinking, and intelligent answers... or just funny ones. So, good luck and enjoy the game!

Poster 1, Sunshine:

Poster 2, Supernova:

Poster 3, Bicentennial Man:

Poster 4, Sphere:


8 better thoughts:

SugaryCynic said...

Bicentennial Man is the odd one out for several reasons: his head is neither floating in the vastness of space or dark nothingness, he's the only one split perfectly down the middle and most importantly, it is the only one to have a robot Robin Williams that for whatever reason gave me nightmares when I was a little kid.

Sebastian Gutierrez said...

Sphere. Because it's the only one badass enough to have Samuel L. Jackson!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Bicentennial Man - because it's the only one that was so awful I couldn't finish watching the film!

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Bicentennial Man: Because Sphere has Sam Jackson, Supernova has Angela Bassett, and Sunshine has that solar eclipse, but only Bicentennial Man would rather have a robot than anything black (unless it's an unsympathetic president...tsk, tsk).

Ruth said...

Sunshine - simply because it's primary colours seem to be red, while the rest focus more on the blues (Supernova has a little red, but the blue stands out for me).

Simon said...

Sorry, I couldn't hear you past the roar of Cillian Murphy's eyes.

Rich said...

'Bicentennial Man' is the only title that doesn't allude to a star in some way. A star is shaped like a 'Sphere,' it provides 'Sunshine,' and when one explodes it gives off a 'Supernova.'

Marc said...

Bicentennial Man - Only one whose title (the only two word title btw) doesn't start with an S and so chooses to be a lower tiered consonant film.

Also it's the only one taking place 100% on terra firma and has to do with an eerie concept like robot sex...I guess because no one wants to have robot sex in space or underwater.

But really, what's the deal Columbus??...Just because it's a family friendly movie we wouldn't notice how truly weird that is?

Still like and own the movie BTW:P

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