Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obligatory DVD Release Post 1/25/2011

This morning Oscar nominees shall be announced. At no point will Bob Dole receive an award for "Most consistently obscure reference Univarn falls back on in times of trouble." For that alone, I deem them null-and-void. Price of playing the game.

New Releases:

Red: What the movie Red teaches us, unlike many others, is that it's possible to show everything in the commercial and still get people to enjoy your film. That being said, the film ranks a ten on my stink-o-meter for taking all the fun out of things by showing it all. Yet somehow forgetting all about the existence of Brian Cox. Which is a crime in and of itself.

Secretariat: I wonder, has the sappy tale of horse overcoming the odds and in turn teaching humans what it means to live, risen to the level at which it can challenge boxing films for the sentimental mush of the world award? I'm not quite sold yet, and you can't forget sentimental football stories are always lurking in the corner. Of course those are only really good when Lando Calrissian cries at the death of Sonny. You bet your sweet ass that's a triple film reference! BONUS!

Saw: The Final Chapter: And as they lay Timmy down to bed, a sweet tingly chill filled the air. The mother gently caressed his hair, running her twiggy fingers through each strand. With a grunt and a moan the mother picked the head off the floor and rested it next to what remains her son. She knew Tobin Bell was a bad choice for babysitter.

Sorry Saw, you overstayed your welcome and are now limping out behind a film about retiree hitmen and running horses. You gotta know when to throw in the towel.

Other Releases:
Enter the Void  - If this wasn't 2hrs 41mins it would be higher on my to watch list
Nowhere Boy - now here boy, BOOYAH
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest - but she didn't mean to. It was an accident, I promise!
Open Season 3 - the one with that one guy who did that thing you know

Other Goodies:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Blu-Ray): That popping sound you hear are quasi-hipsters but not really, sort of anti-hipster, sci-fan, kind of but not really, fans having their heads explode.

The Color Purple (Blu-Ray): I still contend this is one of Spielberg's best films, along with Amistad. Then again, despite the haters, he's had so many it's hard to argue one over the other.

The Graduate (Awards Series Blu-Ray): What could better define a counter-culture film than seeing someone float in a swimming pool in the highest definition possible? Plastic anyone?

A Beautiful Mind (Blu-Ray): This seems to be one of those films that it's become easier to hate than enjoy. I still contend it's a fine piece of cinema. Crowe is great and Connolly has the chops to match. Oh, and I would love to sit down for a meal with Harris' character... unfortunately that would require me to go insane. Well, more insane than I am now.

Well folks, that's all I've got for you today. Have fun, and happy hunting!

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The Mad Hatter said...

For my money, I'd be going with NOWHERE BOY or ETERNAL SUNSHINE on blu-ray...however with a few nominees to catch up on, I'll be seeking out recent releases ANIMAL KINGDOM and INSIDE JOB.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I confess, I enjoyed Red and will probably pick up the disc. Secretariat was good as well, but once was enough.

Castor said...

I'll give RED a shot although it didn't get me too excited when it was in theater. I would not be surprised if it was on par with The Other Guys. The rest... meh ;) I will be checking out Blue Valentine this afternoon woohoo1!

Simon said...

So yeah.

Univarn said...

@Mad I do intend on checking out Inside Job and Nowhere Boy when I get the chance (still got Blue Valentine and The Way Back to view on the theater front as well - busy busy busy)

@AlexJ Red was fine in my book, but I think it could have been so much more. Maybe I'll see Secretariat but I'm in no hurry

@Castor It's not so bad. You know my thoughts on The Other Guys

@Simon So no

Simon said...

So totally. I could do this all day, dude.

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