Saturday, December 11, 2010

Odd One Out Poster Challenge Round 3

Need your moody character to seem cool and distant at the same time? Well have no fear, just have him stand butt to the audience and head off to the side. If you can put a weapon in his hands, better yet! This week we're going from 2010 to 2011, so get your thinking caps on, and here we go!

Poster 1, Cowboys and Aliens:

Poster 2, Inception:

Poster 3, Legion:

Poster 4, Thor:

So, which one is the odd one out? You pick which, and you defend the why! And go!

Remember, I award points for creativity, out of the box thinking, and accuracy. There's lots of 'correct' answers, but only ONE best answer. Will that one be yours? Come back for the Monday Corner to find out!

17 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

INCEPTION, since the other three back-baring-badasses were smart enough not to leave the faucet running.

MovieNut14 said...

Thor. All there is in the poster is the lead character, nothing else. A little creativity wouldn't have killed the guys who designed the poster.

Squish said...

That LEGION guy's from Heaven.
THOR from a different Heaven.
Cobb in INCEPTION is stuck in his own head.

The cowboy's the only one firmly planted on this earth, which makes 'im da weird one.

Sebastian Gutierrez said...

Because he's the only one badass enough to not wield a gun!

Kaiderman said...

Inception... because! ... I win!

Alex said...

Thor's the only one cocky enough to assume viewers don't need a title to recognize the movie. Feelin' a bit overconfident, aren't we? Not every moviegoer is a nerd.

Castor said...

Inception poster because the other three have no background to speak of while Leo is standing among buildings.

simoncolumb said...

its OBVIOUSLY the ALIENS AND COWBOYS one. The dude is, technically, holding two items in each hand - whilst the other three hold one item in one hand.


I win.

simoncolumb said...

Just noticed LEGION seems to hold something in his other hand.

I lose.

I'll get my coat.

Univarn said...

Great answers so far guys, this may be one of the more difficult weeks for me to judge yet.

Thanks and to those just entering, keep them coming!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Legion - the only one truly trying to attract the ladies by presenting a man with no shirt.

SugaryCynic said...

Inception is the odd one out because while the other films can be traced to the Marvel Universe, Inception is DC:

Poster #1: "From the director of Iron Man"

Poster #3: Star and poster-dude Paul Bettany played Jarvis in Iron Man 1 and 2

Poster #4: It's Thor. Durr.

So Poster #2 is the odd one out because Christopher Nolan/Michael Caine = Batman = DC


Simon said...

#3 is the only one with the decency to give us some skin. If I wanted Daniel Craig's wedgie in my face...well, I wouldn't, so I can't really think of an analogie for that. Onwards!

Alternatively, Inception is the only non-adaption of the bunch.

Tom said...

Poster #1 - the text at the bottom is flush-left; the others have centered text.

Andrew Robinson said...

There so many ways I can pick one...

I could say #1 because you can't see Craig's face

I could say #2 because it's the only one with an actor's name on the poster

I could say #3 because he's stupid and shirtless and has wings.

I could say #4 because it doesn't have the title of the film


I believe #4 is the true one out not for any of the reasons above... but because he's a god and we must kneel before him. Nuff Said

Anonymous said...

Cowboys and Aliens, Legion and Thor are all variations on the same idea of the character standing at a ¾ angle and looking back and down in a sort of moody pose. Inception he quite clearly has his back to us.

Fletch said...

#1 - the Cowboys and Aliens one is the only one that highlights the star's left hand/side. As a southpaw myself, I appreciate this.

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