Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Obligatory Inception DVD Release Post 12/7/2010

Hello my fellow bloggers. While I'm sure you're reading this eagerly anticipating whatever obscure, questionably ludicrous, and undoubtedly bonkers idea I had to post here, I'm going to keep this rather simply today:

Tomorrow I will be posting my review of 127 Hours. Why am I announcing it now? Simple: Because I'm going to want your advice. The review will mark a couple of minor formatting, and quite a few bigger stylistic, changes in the way I put together my reviews. What I want to know from you is how you feel about it. Do these changes make it better, same, or are there things I can incorporate from both that you prefer.

Thank you, I now return to you to your regularly scheduled ignoring of my absurd movie comments.

New Releases:

Inception:  What fans of Inception say: "LIKE OMG THAT MOVIE JUST OMG TOTALLY OMG!!!!!!! MY MIND!"

What I hear: "Rugger Rigger Ring Ring Roar Rub a dub dub RINGO STAR!"

Does that make me weird? (note: I know 'no, you just are weird' :P)

Well, to be honest this movie has taken the world by storm, and its safe to say my enjoyment factor at a 7.50 clearly undercut the adoring fanbase. In my defense I had spent the last month watching Satoshi Kon films so Nolan's version of 'dreams' seemed rather tame to me.

My Inception Review

Shrek Forever After: On some level I want to watch this with my laptop handing, and This is the End by The Doors queued up so I can blast it the moment the credits roll. To be honest I wish we could go back to the days when everyone loved Shrek (that includes you faux hipsters and your elitism!) and it was the new 'it' thing in animation. Well Dreamworks didn't so much run the series into the ground, quality speaking (not $$$-wise), as they stretched a good idea well beyond thin pretty much snapping it in half. I have mixed feelings about watching this installment. I care enough to see it end but I don't know if I can take another Shrek 3.

Restrepo: This is my absolute #1 must see film this week. I've heard so many good things about it I am beginning to get cautiously distanced from it (I only carried lukewarm feelings for Anvil or The Cove from last year). So, here's to hoping it's what people have told me it is, and not another good documentary people have convinced themselves is great for content over substance (sorry, it must be said :P).

Other Releases: Barry Munday, A Dog Year, Mademoiselle Chambon, Lennon NYC

Other Goodies:

Lost in Translation (Blu-Ray): This 2003 Sophia Coppola film has taken bloggers by storm in a not-so-traditional not-so-romantic traditional boy meets girl "romance" with Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. I have learned through trial and error to keep my opinion on this one to myself.

Closer (Blu-Ray): This 2004 Mike Nichols film was a hot nomination commodity when it came out, but I think people have rushed too quickly in their efforts to forget it. I'd still wager it one of the best films of its year with some of the best performances to match.

Fox 75th Anniversary Edition Box Set: 75 years, 75 films, one box set for $360 (Amazon - as of 12/6). Featuring everything from Cavalcade and Grapes of Wrath to Slumdog Millionaire and Avatar. Quite a solid collection they've put together (though almost all of them are available individually).

Cronos (Criterion Blu-Ray): The box art for this alone makes me want to buy it, however we all know the old adage - Only buy a book based on its cover if that cover is absolutely awesome! Wait, did I get that right?

Off you go, it's time for me to being my moisturizing, a Uni must always look its best.

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Lesya Khyzhnyak said...

I'm such a fan of Inception, that... OMG! Well, I think since it's released in the US, it must be released here, too. But do you know whether they have already released the two-disc edition?

Fox 75th Anniversary Edition Box Set sounds awesome, but we don't have such offers.

The Mad Hatter said...

Very curious to hear what you think of RESTREPO, and likewise looking forward to the new review format with 127 HOURS.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to lament the fact that I have to wait at least 18 days for my copy of INCEPTION.

filmgeek said...

I pre-ordered the super sexy Inception BluRay that comes in that awesome briefcase thang and it still hasn't arrived :(

I loved Restrepo. One of my highlights of the year

Univarn said...

@Leysa Inception is listed on Amazon.co.uk so I'm going to assume it's out there as well. As for the two-disc edition, it seems as if they have a few 'limited edition' triple play sets if that's what you're looking for.

@Mad I can see it now - You sitting there next to a pile of presents, carefully weighing each one in turn trying to decide which is Inception :P. Then again, if you only get one present that really ruins my mental image.

@filmgeek That set does look quite enticing. If I loved Inception that much I'd probably purchase it.

Castor said...

Definitely... see... Restrepo! Don't care about the rest since I saw Inception twice in theater anyway.

Lesya Khyzhnyak said...

I'm from Ukraine but our releases usually coincide with yours. Just wanted to say that I'm not from the UK. Anyways, do I sound like a Brit? :))

Univarn said...

@Lesya Agh, another foot in mouth scenarios two days in a row, my apologies!!! I think my guess as to your being in the UK (atm) stems from the people on twitter I found you through were all UK film tweeters. My mistake!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yeah, I'm one of those Inception fanatics. Brilliant film.
The last (please?) Shrek film will go into my NetFlix. I always enjoy a train wreck.

Anonymous said...

I'm not as super duper excited for Inception for some reason, though I dug the movie, as mind boggling as it was. I just got Firefly the complete series on Blu-ray, so might devour that around Christmas holiday :D

Robert said...

Omg! The Satoshi Kon thing was exactly the same for me! I couldn't help comparing Inception to Paprika (unfavorably). I mean, I liked Inception, but it was just a mite plain.

Simon said...

So my Darling Mother leaves House to go spend some Best Buy free points she had, and she comes back with Inception! With me hardly talking about it in the past week! I didn't even have to ask!

Sometimes I really love my mom, guys.

Univarn said...

@AlexJ Go watch some Satoshi Kon and call me when you're done. I agree it's captivating, but 'brilliant' by comparison to someone who redesigned an existing lightbulb - perhaps.

@flixchatter Firefly, now you're speaking my language.

@Robert Paprika is such an insane experience, almost beyond absurd. If any movie's notion of reality is so skewed it's impossible to define fact from fiction it would be that one.

@Simon This is the moment you wake up and find out it was all a dream *kick*.

Simon said...


Dempsey Sanders said...

I brought Inception yesterday and can't wait to watch it. Will check out your new format tommorrow too

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