Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Obligatory DVD Release Post 11/23/2010

Yesterday while at the parking lot of my local grocery store I saw a lady struggle to get out of her car. She was a 'well-sized' woman and her car was not designed for someone of her width. What I found interesting was that on her bumper she had a sticker which read 'I put the Christ back in CHRISTmas.' I'm sure you've seen them around. Now I have no problem with people being religious and wanting to ensure the sanctity of their traditions. However I couldn't help but think:

"Yes, you put the Christ back in Christmas, however you stole the 'mas' and put it into 'Massive' defeating the point entirely."

New Releases:

The Expendables: I have to admit, I did watch The Expendables. 'But why didn't you review it?' you may be asking. Well to be honest, it was so incredibly awful that I honestly couldn't muster up the desire to bother. Between the 'sped up' camera speed to make Stallone look like he's running fast, the self-idolizing of its violence, and the random effort to make the film about something I felt cheated of what should have been an awesome experience. At about the half way point I just kept waiting for the credits to come already because I couldn't stand it anymore. There was just nothing I cared about.

Eat, Pray, Love: I'm debating here. Am I supposed to do all three simultaneously? I'm not sure about you but it's hard enough for me to pray, being an atheist and all, in normal everyday life. I would find it infinitely more difficult to do it while eating a cheeseburger and loving (however I could find it easy to eat and love a cheeseburger in unison). I know this film is about a woman's journey of self discovery, I personally feel she could save a lot of time with a mirror and a worthwhile friend. Then again, what do I know? I'm only a person in front of a computer. Not anywhere near as 'mystical' as a *shhh* mystical foreign person. Dun dunnn dunnnnnnnnnnn.

I'm Still Here: We know. We've always known. We just don't care that much. It's a sad truth, but really, when you go to make your great art piece the least you could do is avoid coming off like a dick. This entire film strikes me as something a couple of kids came up with in their parent's basement and it just got out of hand. I'm sure it'll be an entertaining viewing, and I do intend on viewing it. I just don't think I want to spend any time debating it. Which leads me to another point, between this, Catfish, and Exit Through the Gift Shop, how many 'are they or aren't they' mocu/docu-mentaries are we going to have this year?

Other Releases: Flipped (the pancake?), The Winning Season (not on DVD), The Disappearance of Alice Creed (yes please), Madea's Big Happy Family: The Play (three strikes you're out?)

Other Goodies:

Beauty and the Beast (2 Disc Limited Edition): I love my some B&B but there's no company out there better at milking a series than Disney. They've released more 'Limited Edition' vhs and dvd copies than all other companies combined (if that even covers half of it). I remember as a kid every few months seeing another Disney classic being released for a limited time only. Rather obnoxious if you ask me. But hey, nobody is and it seems to work anyways.

America Lost and Found: The BBS Story (Criterion Collection- Blu Ray): This looks rather amazing. If I could summarize it, I would say it's like a great misc tape. There's the hits we all know (Easy Rider/Last Picture Show) paired up with films we probably don't (Head, Drive He Said, A Safe Place). I'm sold, but now sure how many are with me.

The Complete Metropolis: Kino is releasing their cut of Metropolis with, as far as I can tell, everything in it. They've taken all the various cuts, reprints, versions and the like and put it all together to make on 'complete' film. To what degree of success they've attained I cannot say, but we shall find out.!

That's all I've got for today. Other things are calling for my attention (as they always do - I'm very popular among people who need to request favors).

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Dempsey Sanders said...

great post, Your Eat Pray Love section had me giggling

The Mad Hatter said...

Alice Creed would get my vote this week...and while they seem the same at a glance, I can't say I'd lump "Still Here" in with "Gift Shop" and "Catfish".

(Speaking of, have you seen any of those? Catfish and Gift Shop are quite nicely done).

Lesya Khyzhnyak said...

Probably, the most worthwhile are B&B 2-disc limited edition for those who don't have it in their collection but want to; and Metropolis but acually I'd be quite satisfied with the initial cut. I heard that Eat Pray Love is an awfully boring film, and I agree with Dempsey Sanders, your writing on it had me giggling, too. Oh and you write with such ease, it was the utter pleasure to read this post.

Univarn said...

@Dempsey Thanks, I try my best.

@Mad I have seen Exit Through the Gift Shop but I didn't care much for it. Perhaps because the whole time I felt it was fake I didn't get into the humor of it...

@Lesya Thanks, these are my favorite posts to write because I do them very spur of the moment, don't think about them much and just go with whatever pops into my head.

The Mad Hatter said...

The doc isn't fake - the question that remains is whether or not Brainwash himself is authentic. He's an actual guy, and these were actual events...but some believe that where his artwork is concerned, Banksy is the brains behind the work...not Brainwash himself.

Univarn said...

@Mad I know he's an actual guy but everything about him just seemed fake to me. As if he's just a face for someone else's words. So I suppose I'd throw myself into the Bansky being behind it all contingent. Still doesn't make me want to watch the documentary again... :\

Castor said...

Not all that interested in seeing The Expendables again, not exactly terrible enough to enjoyed for fun, yet not good enough to be seen twice. Eat, Pray, Love and I'm Still Here, I have no interest in. Next!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'll probably still watch the Expendables. Can't be as bad as Skyline!

Anonymous said...

Ugh, you're wise not reviewing the Expendables... I only posted a short snippet of it... basically just to express how disappointed I was, it really was an abominable! I have zero interest in Eat, Pray, Love (despite it being filmed partly in my homeland), but for an entirely different reason than yours. Oooh, I heard that Beauty & The Beast on Blu-ray is magnificent, hope it's on sale after thanksgiving (finger-crossed).

@Alex – Expendables CAN be as bad as Skyline... or any other atrocious flicks out there.

Simon said...

I hate this week. Let's all just rent Scott Pilgrim.

Univarn said...

@Castor I'll be sure to send an email to Hollywood informing them to step it up next week (unfortunately I think Sorcerer's Apprentice is the big release)

@AlexJ If it's worse than the expendables then there's no way I'm going to watch it.

@flixchatter It's been a long time since I've watched B&B that should probably be changed.

@Simon Look on the bright side, I'm sure this week feels disgusted with itself for letting you down.

Simon said...

As well it should.

Anonymous said...

" I love my some B&B but there's no company out there better at milking a series than Disney."....I think George Lucas might have something to say about that! :) haha

Univarn said...

@scarlet I would say he's done a better job of continuously bringing people back to see his series, but he's only got the one. Disney milks every series they have. So it's a tough comparison but I'd give the edge Disney.

DEZMOND said...

I'm with Dempsey on the EAR, PRAY, LOVE section of your post. I almost translated the book on which the film was based earlier this year for the readers in my country, but I opted not to being more tempted by some ancient Roman novel

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