Monday, November 22, 2010

The Monday Corner 11/22/2010

Top Five worst things to say to a girl when bringing her back to your place:

5. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"
4. "So, which side of the bed do you want: top bunk or bottom bunk?"
3. "Don't worry about getting comfortable this will only a take a second."
2. "No! Don't go into the closet... that's my special place."
1. "So, which strikes you as more of the serial killer type, wig or no wig?"

Yes the last one is a subtle film reference. Yes this is a stupid list. Yes This is THE MONDAY CORNER!

For your Consideration:
Link to the left! Link to the right! Link to the middle! Now stop. It's Linkage Time.

The wonderful cast of lovable characters from Anomalous Material give you the five things you need to survive a Zombie apocalypse. The plus side to a Zombie apocalypse: You know the Jersey Shore characters are goners.

The Movie 411 has announced their Nominees for their Blog Awards 2010. I didn't get any (granted I just found out about them so all is fair) but a few of my good blogging buddies did so be sure to head on over and cast a vote.

While we're all talking up the latest Harry Potter installment Common Sense Movie Reviews has Russell Crowe on the mind with a review of his latest flick: The Next Three Days (Nine out of 10 aught to get your interest).

Andrew From Encore Entertainment has seen the much sought after Australian film Animal Kingdom and has good things to report.

I Love Italian Movies has thrown down one heck of a claim: Giuseppe Battiston is the best actor American's never heard of. Guilty as charged here,  though I shall now make an effort to remedy that oversight.

Poll Update:
Popularity for my polls has definitely begun to take a bit of a dive but it's OK I'll soldier on!

1. 5 Votes: Prisoner of Azkaban (a predictable choice but I understand)
2. 4 Votes: Not a fan (Sacrilege! Take your demonic ways and, well, don't go but feel mildly bad!)
3. 3 Votes: Half Blood Prince (In the word of cinema we always love latest and greatest)
4. (tie) 2 votes: Goblet of Fire & Order of the Phoenix (fair enough)
5. No votes: Chamber of Secrets & Sorcerer's Stone (Sorry Christopher Columbus you are the weakest link)

New Poll: This week is Thanksgiving here in the United States. What I want to know is this: Which (American) Holiday is the best one for film?

Video of the Week:
Since it was disqualified from my list yesterday I thought I'd include it here today. Such a fun scene from Ferris Bueller:

6 better thoughts:

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Number three comment is a sure way to kill the chances of another date!
And I was surprised you weren't nominated! We'll fix that next year.

Castor said...

Thanks for the shout! Funny, I'm discussing Ferris Bueller with Mad Hatter for one of his upcoming movie chat post.

Alex said...

For the new poll I had to go with Christmas, simply because two of my favorite movies- Brazil and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang- take place during that holiday.

Univarn said...

@Alex Thanks for reading the intro they're one of my many chances to stretch out and have fun with this blog so I appreciate it when someone bothers to read them. As for the nomination, as I mentioned I didn't even know, and lots of the bloggers I normally associate with that sort of thing didn't seem to know (or vote) either so there's that.

@Castor Can't wait to read it! I suppose there's still no chance of bringing you around on podcasts huh?

@Alex What? No love for It's a Wonderful Life or Home Alone? For shame! Granted I'd be surprised if Valentine's Day gets much, if any, votes after its namesake film this year (the world still hasn't recovered).

Castor said...

Not yet ahah

Simon said...

I'm gonna make a blog awards show where you're not allowed to vote for yourself and there's badass categories like "Most likely to take down Michael Caine in a fight", and of course nobody would win, but bear with me, it's in the first drafts.

So...I trust this week's list is of some personal significance?

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