Monday, November 8, 2010

The Monday Corner 11/8/2010

This weekend I had the great pleasure to serve as a guest on episode #10 of the MILFCast (Man, I love Films Podcast) - though I must say a few other titles were suggested during the running. To find out what you'd have to tune it.

Had a lovely time with Kai and Heather with ample opportunities to make a fool of myself during Kai's Always Right and The Game, even epically failing at my own Film Enigma game! Be sure to tune in today for all the fun (and comment!).

For your Consideration:
When you play the game of links, you either link or you die... horrible George R.R. Martin reference, but I tried.

The Great White Dope is battling the elements as he seeks out the hallowed grounds of his 100th review. What film will it be? When will it be? Check out all the excitement!

Did you miss The Incredible Suit's London Film Festival? If so, for shame. Still, have no fear, he's combined the vast array of awesomeness into this lovely wrap-up post.

Did you feel my Hereafter review was a bit too middle of the road? There's nothing middle of the road about Mike of You Talking to Me?'s review of Hereafter. Perfect 5 out of 5. Click the link to find out why.

Fresh off the admission to the LAMB, Film Misery has announced a month long marathon to classic film director Fritz Lang.

While much of the critical world is panning it, Candice of Reel Talk finds some beauty worth noting in Tyler Perry's "For Colored Girls."

Poll Update:
This week's poll sees a bit of Eastwood splitting, though in fine form leaning towards that unrequited love.

1. 7 votes: Just Bad Film Selections (I'd say more predictable then bad but Gran Torino and Changeling were fine in my book)
2. 5 votes: No, He still makes quality films (for those who have good long term memory I concur)
3. (tie) 1 vote: It's a real shame & He never had a touch (this 1 vote obviously goes to someone with painful short term memory... or really picky anti-Eastwood film taste).

New Poll: The release of Unstoppable this weekend, eh, once again brings together long time pairing Tony Scott and Denzel Washington. I want to know what's your favorite Scott-Washington pairing thus far?

Movie Soundtrack of the Week:
In honor of James Bond week over at the Movie Mobsters I present the main James Bond theme:

9 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

I've got that episode of The MILFcast loaded up and should be listening to it before the workday is out. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hi Univarn, thanks for the Bond theme song... just what I need to get on my assignment that's due tomorrow night! :)

Re: the Scott-Washington pairing, I've only seen the last two so I don't think I should take the poll. I've been curious about Man on Fire for a while as it's one of my girlfriends favorite movie.

I'm usually not a fan of podcasts, but I'll check out your guest episode on MILFcast (cool name btw).

The Mad Hatter said...

@ Ruth... If you aren't a fan of podcasts, does that mean you wouldn't be up for making a guest appearance on mine?

Simon said...

I'll go look at that there podcast then, but honestly, everybody's doing one and it's exhausting.

Mike Lippert said...

Thanks for the linkage. I can understand any middle-of-the-road feelings about Hereafter though.

Squish said...

Hey Univarn,

The response back from Club members has been amazing!

On the week of November 29th to December 5th, 2010, I will be hosting an good old fashioned Blog-A-Thon to re-inaugurate the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die Blog Club.

After months of waiting for it to start again, I decided to just host the Club myself, and I'd love to have you as a member once again. I am writing you today to invite you to contribute a post (or posters!), on the first film on the epic 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die List, George Méliès' "A Trip To The Moon" (1902) aka "Le voyage dans la lune." Since you're an old club member, it would be great to see your contribution!

One of the many great things about "A Trip To The Moon" is that this short film is available everywhere for viewing. I've put a couple links for you of the complete film at the bottom of the page.

If you're interested, drop me a link or a line through my site (, and feel free to spread the word!

Un voyage dans la lune:
Alternate link:

Kaiderman said...

Listened today and it was waaaaay better than it sounded when we were recording. Thanks for coming on Univarn. You da man and are always welcome back in the future!
PS. It's MILFcast not MILMcast... haha

@Simon: True but the MILF rules!!!

Univarn said...

@Mad Saw your comments on facebook, I'm convinced when playing any game it's always easier when you're not on the spot.

@Simon I understand but like Kai said, there's always exceptions.

@Mike Yeah, the direction just felt a bit too uneven, but I see where you found much to praise.

@Squish Perhaps, not sure if my schedule will permit yet.

@Kaiderman Good to hear. If you ever need another hit me up, if I'm free I'll be there.

Heather said...

Univarn, it was probably the most fun MILFcast for me this far. The three of us and that extra word had some seriously sexy chemistry.

As far as the Scott/Washington pairing goes. You know they do make good movies together and it's understandable why some directors stick with certain actors, like the other Scott and Crowe. They have some sexy magic time. DiCaprio and Scorsese have been making magic the past 5-10 years, and before that DeNiro. It really is understandable. However, none of the Scott/Washington pairings have been either of the two's best work, and that's what I don't understand. They make solid movies together, but I don't think either of them heighten each others game with one another s presence, whereas the others mentioned above tend to do that when together.

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