Monday, November 15, 2010

The Monday Corner 11/15/2010

If you've ever found yourself in a eerie room with sixteen demonic lemurs around you, you're most likely asking yourself one of the following questions a) how did I get into this predicament b) where did these lemurs come from?

The answer to both of these questions have been well documented, researched, and hypothesized. Ultimately it has been universally decided that the only possible reason for any of this involves some odd combination of gambling debts, kangaroo smuggling, and light saber juggling. Just how these things are connected is anyone's guess, but any theory not involving all three is immediately dismissed due to credibility issues.

For your Consideration:
Abracadabra Linka! Now that's what I call magic :)

Harry Potter is on its way (as if you didn't know) and Top 10 Films has a complete, thorough, breakdown of everything that's occurred up until now (in case you need the refresher).

I'm always up for some Kurosawa link love, and this week Japan Cinema provided it several times over with their Top 10 Kurosawa Films, along with their ever awesome art compositions - such a great post.

As always, Dark of the Matinee offers up plentiful Monday Corner worthy posts, however this week I'm giving the link to Matineecast Episode 23.5 featuring 3 time Oscar Winner Walter Murch... showoff :)

Hoping for Something to Hope For goes into nostalgia mode, presenting their top 5 most watched childhood films. Any list involving Terminator and childhood is defined as awesome by universal law.

Are you a fan of Napoleon Dynamite? I'm not, but The Incredible Suit's film breakdown not only inspired some great laughs from me, but came incredibly close to convincing me of its excellence. Mustaches not optional.

Poll Update:
Started close, ended not so much. That doesn't change the fact that each vote is special :)

1. 6 votes: Crimson Tide (this is where my vote would have gone if I voted in these)
2. 4 votes: Man on Fire (Christopher Walken FTW!)
3. (tie) 1 vote: Deja Vu (I can see it) & Taking of Pelham 123 (original was better by a factor of 500000)

New Poll: You know it's coming, here's the list. Name your favorite Harry Potter adaptation to date!

Musical Score of the Week:
With the first of the final HP films coming out I've been thinking a bit on the great career of John Williams. For your listening pleasure, and emotional disarray, I give you one my favorites of his scores (not counting Star Wars and Indiana Jones because that wouldn't be fair):

Have a good day everyone!

4 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

Thanks for bumming me out with the SCHINDLER score before my first cup of tea this morning, but thanks as well for the plug. Am I to assume that this means that you've now listened to the whole show?

BTW - case I haven't mentioned it, thanks for the roast. Gave me a giggle.

Alex said...

Do you mean which film do we think was the best adaptation of the book, or which film do we like the best in general? I think my answer would be different depending...

Simon said...

Je crois vraiment que je serais plus concentré sur les makis que leurs origines, mais si appuyé, je suppose que je pourrais supposer que Jumanji avait quelque chose pour faire avec cela.

Univarn said...

@Mad Glad to hear and yes I have. You did great! Could tell you were a bit nervous (or perhaps a bit in awe?). Any chance of more of these lining up in your direction?

@Alex Either way you want to go about. But I meant best single adaptation.

@Simon Google translate for the win. Oh, and unless Jumanji started bringing in Lightsabers you're point must be deemed invalid.

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