Friday, October 22, 2010

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post 10/22/2010

BOO! Did I scare you? No? Was it the predictability of it? Perhaps I failed to capture the raw intensity of the moment? Do you not love me anymore? Where are you going!? Stop! Come back! I need you!

Good, now that we've gotten rid of those people let's talk about something important: Which would be more scary:

Zombie children or Possessed children? and go!

Wide Releases:

Paranormal Activity 2: It's day 4592 of these strange, paranormal, occurrences, but we're not leaving the house! Why? Well because we still have 3 years left on the mortgage, and we know it's just the tax collector banging on the door. Sure, it doesn't quite carry the fear of an invisible super being, but I would argue its more realistic and therefore more scary. If you watch PA2 and the door starts banging tonight you'll probably suppose its a neighbor kid, or a door to door salesman, not a demon from beyond. I say use that to your advantage Hollywood!

Hereafter: While reading my (parent's) paper today the review for Hereafter was written in a  rather condescending manner. Noting how under 25's never knew Clint Eastwood as a director of dark morality tales. Has this person never heard of Netflix, IMDB, or the invention of the home video system? It's not like we have to sit around and wait for a theater to carry an old school Eastwood film to see them. They're not state protected secrets or anything. So please don't go lumping me in with the Jersey Shore/MTV crowd who aren't even convinced time existed prior to their birth. Thank you very much. Oh, and I do hope to catch this film this weekend.

Limited Releases:

Inhale: Never heard of this but it does have Dermot Mulroney with a buzz cut. So there should be good things to say about that...

Not much in the way of new releases later and gents, but perhaps one of the indie films you've been wanting to see are coming your way? Who knows!

5 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

As I try to endure week two-of-three that will be multiplex free, I will pine for what I am missing with HEREAFTER.

Castor said...

When is November? Because the past few weeks have been terrible in terms of releases and next week, the Saw movie will be the only release... Thankfully, it will be much better once November comes around.

Simon said...

Under 25s. Them again.

Univarn said...

Wait all day for a comment, and 3 come along at once. Did ya'll plan this out as some sort of odd scheme to make me reply to you? I know your secrets!

@Mad I've heard a lot of mixed things about Hereafter, but as I've told others Eastwood may not make everything great, but he's never let me down. That's saying a lot in my opinion. Most directors have, at least, 5 or 6 films I absolutely can't stand.

@Castor November is only a week + 2 days away! I hope November lives up, this year's had enough disappointment.

@Simon I know, those horrid creatures! How can they even live with themselves?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Since I missed Red lasts weekend, that will likely be my movie choice tomorrow.

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