Monday, October 18, 2010

The Monday Corner 10/18/2010

Halloween is coming up soon, as any calendar will inform you, and with that comes some very exciting things. Things like people, who normally look for stupid, dressing up in stupid costumes as a way of openly displaying it. I have to be honest, every time this year I find myself asking the same 3 questions:

1. At what age should someone stop wearing the sexy nurse outfit? Even the devil horns are sagging, please people, let it go.
2. Why is this the only time of the year you can go up to someone's house and demand them give you stuff? It would be hilarious if you just did that every week on Thursday. "Hey, you, give me some damn candy!"
3. Is that court order baring me from being withing 50 feet of any children still in effect? You know, maybe a day off for good behavior *wink wink*. I kid I kid (ironically so).

Off we go!

For your Consideration:
Every once in a while one post will inspire another, and another, and so on. Allow me to show you how that works:

First, Mike from the always intellectually profound (i.e. thinks things through) You Talking to Me? posted this rather intelligent bit on "Justified Elitism." Elitism is always justified, much like when I say my imaginary caught fish was "THIS BIG!" (of course the common distance of full spread hand gesture is in order).

That post prodded itself into filmgeek's analysis on What is a film critic? over at Final Cut. For my money, the answer is: anyone who watches movies while licking lolipops.

Of course leading to the end result in The Dark of the Matinee's self-analysis on why Mad doesn't consider himself to be a film critic. He's just a blogger with a star fetish.

Now, if that doesn't completely satisfy your blogging needs, I've got a couple other great links for you check out:

Despite my desire to avoid double dipping, Film Intel and The m0vie Blog both tackle the possibility of Zack Snyder doing Superman.

Movie Mobsters presents the 10 scariest movie scenes in cinema! The lack of Eddie Murphy in lingerie fat suit in Norbit not being on the list brings serious validity questions.

Last, but most definitely not least, we go all the way back to last Monday with Rachel's Reel Reviews and her wonderfully designed review on The Social Network (an absolute eye treat).

Poll Update:
You do go old school! Alright!!!!

1. (tie) 6 votes: 1900 - 1920's & 1921 - 1940's (no reason to have no seen A Trip to the Moon, it's 10 minutes and even on my blog!!!!!!)
3. 2 votes: 1941 - 1960's (go on, give the pre-code era a chance, Chaplin, Keaton, King Kong, go go go!)
4. 0 votes: 1961 - Today (thank god, or I would have felt horrid if you all voted here)

New Poll: Jackass did rather well this weekend, and while I'm not a fan, I do enjoy a bit of old school slapstick humor. So I want to know - how much does slapstick humor do for you?

Delectably Awesome Poster of the Week: 

Here is one of the brand new International posters for Black Swan:
I may not be a poster collector, but if the film is even 1/50th the quality I hope it is, that poster is going on the wall, tomorrow. That's just awesome artwork. I'm sold 10 fold.

Alright, that's all I got for now. Be sure to check back later for a special announcement + link!

10 better thoughts:

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yeah, the Snyder-Superman rumour has been all over. Think I read it first on Hollywood Spy.
And at what point to stop wearing sexy nurse outfit? When one's butt no longer fits size 4 jeans or smaller. Enough said.

Castor said...

Love the Black Swan set of posters. So glad they went with something original and graphically pleasing instead of the usual floating heads posters.

MovieNut14 said...

The sexy nurse outfits are a no go when you clearly can not fit into one. *shudder* Just thinking of that is...ew.

Simon said...

The sexy anything outfit completely ruins Halloween, in my humble opinion. It's such a cop-out.

Univarn said...

@AlexJ I've seen some women in their 20's (in both jean size and age) going the sexy costume way. Maybe one in... well, 20, can really pull it off.

@Castor What? You don't like the floating head syndrome of Hollywood!? What's wrong with you!

@MovieNut I understand, around this time every year I try to lose weight so I can fit into mine. It's a tight squeeze, but I fill out nicely.... I fear I may have revealed a bit too much of myself there.

@Simon I agree, save it for the bedroom. Just be sure to take photos. *cough*

Rachel said...

Thanks for the link love Uni. I have loads more fun reviewing films in different ways, especially when I have nothing particularly new to say.

As for Halloween, I like what Tina Fey said in her script for Mean Girls: Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.

filmgeek said...

It was rather magical, wasn't it :) Cheers for the link

MovieNut14 said...

@Univarn DUDE! Why'd you bring that up?!! Crap, now I got that in my head for the rest of the month. Thanks a lot, you sick-minded monkey.

Univarn said...

@Rachel Though you notice people who generally dress up that way are, more often than not, already assumed to be sluts. Sort of defeats the purpose.

@filmgeek Anytime.

@MovieNut What do you expect me to say? Past experience should have prepared you for me eventually going down that road.

MovieNut14 said...

@Univarn Touche. You're still a sick-minded monkey though.

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