Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Guesting at The Unnamed Movie Podcast

Check out the entire episode at GManReviews.com

For those of you who, unaccountably, are unaware of The Unnamed Movie Podcast, allow me a moment to educate you. Basically 3 Jamaicans, appropriately abbreviated as ADD (Andrew, Damion, and Douglas), sit around, drink beers, and talk about whatever films they've seen recently. They cover everything from the incredibly obscure, borderline impossible to find, to classics, and modern masterpieces. So, when they asked me to join them for two hours of ranting, arguing, and general absurdity, how could I resist?

Two hours may seem long, but, trust me, with these guys it flies by! For this week's episode we covered the 2009 Documentary - LAST TRAIN HOME, about a Chinese family struggling to cope with work, school, and the ever growing distance between them. The main conversation topic for this week was "Why Do Smaller Comic Book Films Fail?"

We also talked about the latest films we watched, and the trailers for Blue Valentine, Burke & Hare, and The Freebie.

So be sure to head on over to GManReviews.com and check out all the absurdity and fun for yourself!

*For those looking to play the drinking game, take a drink when:
1. Latency issues (which were bad that night) leave me chiming in well after the topic is over.
2. Damion and I compete to talk over one another.
3. I put my foot in my mouth, being forced to represent America.

Hope to hear comments, and complaints, from you all! And be sure to listen, or I will cry.

For those of you wondering, The Obligatory DVD Release Post will be up at 1:00 PM today.

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Andrew Robinson said...

Thanks for the advertising space... I somehow failed at the drinking game though

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