Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Obligatory DVD Release Post 9/28/2010

Today's You're Not Really Reading This Anyway Question:

You're watching a movie in your house/apartment/basement and right at the ending, just before the big finale, a kangaroo shoots past your outside window. You

A) It's a KangaROO!!! Of course you go see it.
B) Finish the movie, it's really good!
C) Take out a joint and attempt to lure the kangaroo back to your place and get it to watch the finale with you.


New Releases:

Iron Man 2:  There's one thing they don't really tell you about the Scarlett Johansson black leather suit, it's a really uncomfortable. I was wearing one the other day and my god my package just does not sit well. Of course I also lack the appropriate rack size to fill out the upper portion, but I'm no slouch. I'm creative enough to know two honeydew melons is all that I need. Unfortunately the lower splitting just doesn't cut it. Some things just need to breath. Wait... did I just type that out? CRAP! No wonder I'll never get a job. My Review

Get Him to the Greek: You know what would have made this movie great? Joe Pesci. Why doesn't he still do movies? The guy is awesome! He could have played Jonah Hill's long lost uncle, or dad, or whatever. I only have a certain threshold for Hill and Russell Brand... and this movie's pushing it. Though I have to be honest I secretly want to watch this movie in the hope that at the end I'll read "4 Leprechauns and an Evil Wizard Were Harmed During the Making of this." Why? Because it's about the only reason I would watch the movie... seems like as good a reason as any to me.

The Killer Inside Me: Ok IMDB says this is just being released... it's been at my local Blockbuster (old school bitches) for a while now. I'm confused. Though who can deny IMDB? Publication is knowledge, right? Or do I have that wrong... My Review

Frozen: Popsicle super squad, Go! Call in Lauren Holly! Quick someone dial 911!!!!! There are people on a ski-lift and it's really cold! They might catch pneumonia... or turn into Jack Frost (we all know what happened to Michael Keaton after that)! Remember: No matter what, I love you. Goodbye cruel world! TAADAHHHH! Love the big dramatic finale? I thought you would.

Other Releases: Babies, Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky

Other Goodies:

The Thin Red Line (Criterion): The movie may be long winded, and had the painful misfortune of being released the same year as my favorite SPR. Still, it's a beautiful film, well worth your time and attention! Besides, who does it better than Criterion?

King Kong (Blu-Ray): Who doesn't love stop-motion monsters!? It's the most awesome thing ever. Let's be honest it's a sight bit better than when they started using Iguanas for everything. My god, how did people ever bear through that without looking for a cliff?

My Favorite Spy: Guilty admission - I've never seen a Hedy Lamarr film... *cries* I'm sorry!!!! Anything out there with Hedy Lamarr and Errol Flynn so I can get a 2 for 1ner? Oh well, I like Bob Hope so this may get the ol' college try.

So, I would say, all in all, not that bad of a week for DVD releases. Especially if you're basing it off comparison. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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Ivana Dragicevic said...

I'm so very glad I've stumbled upon this blog :) I am not in the habit of going to my local blockbuster but I will be attempting to do so more often because I just hate it when my friends ask me have I seen this movie or that one and I stare at them blankly.. So I will be checking your blog for useful guides on what's good out in the world of movies!

The Mad Hatter said...

It's an effin kangaroo! My dvd player has a pause button, you best believe I'm going to do some marsupial watchin'!!!

As for this week's releases, one must get their hands on the Criterion THIN RED LINE. The film is so freakin' gorgeous, and the original dvd came with no features...so this suped up edition is an essential get.

Castor said...

A of course, I have never seen a Kangaroo before! Somewhat want to see Get Him to the Greek, which is a perfect movie for a rental, which is why I skipped in theater. Most people seemed to enjoy it so that would be the one out of that list. Iron Man 2 was a disappointment, I'm not going to go over it again...

SugaryCynic said...

C. the answer will always be C. And I am totally renting Babies because my ovaries DEMAND that I watch adorable, multi-ethnic babies frolic for an hour and a half. Good luck with cleaning honeydew melon juice out of your leather suit.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yes, you did type that out loud!

Univarn said...

@Ivana Welcome to the blog, hope you enjoy it.

@Mad I think anyone would love to see a making of from the viewpoint of Terrence Malick. If it has that, I'm sold.

@Castor I have an odd thing for liking sequels/adaptations most people feel underwhelmed with, or frustrated by. Perhaps there's some psychologist who could have a field day with that?

@Sugary Don't give in to Babies! Don't go into the light! It wants you to fall victim to it! Don't cave! FIGHT!

@AlexJ Shhhh. It's bad enough with your reinforcing it!

Simon said...

Dude. Movies can pause, kangeroos don't. That's just how they roll.

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

Watched Iron Man 2 for the second time and have to say I was disappointed. Just found it to be tedious filler and it didn't hold up near as well to multiple viewings as the first. Luckily I was able to cancel my Blu-ray purchase since Amazon had not yet mailed it, and I demoted my rating of the film. I'm surprised I gave it such a high rating on the first viewing!

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