Monday, September 27, 2010

The Monday Corner 9/27/2010

This is the introduction segment. Usually I post something I think is amusing, random, or interesting here. You don't really read it, so I figure why not just do my own little poll:

In your comment try to incorporate the phrase: "I love flying pandas" into whatever you're saying, as if it fully belongs there. That way: 1. We all get a laugh and 2. I know you bother to read this part.

Let's get it on!

For Your Consideration:
You ever see a chimpanzee selling drugs on the freeway? Yeah, me neither. Shame really. That would be a truly life altering moment.

Simon and Jo celebrate their ONE YEAR anniversary! No, not in that kind of way (except in my imagination), it's their podcast - The Simon and Jo Film Show. It's absolutely brilliant, if you're not listening already you're definitely missing out.

Film Experience Blog gives you the Yes, No, and Maybe So on the latest, awesome, trailer for The King's Speech!

The LAMB My Best Friend's Wedding results are in, and let's just say I failed to strike a cord with the voters. Though that shouldn't detour from Andrew's great writeup on all the submissions, and eventual winner!

Andrew of GManReviews lays down some handy tips for you to survive a Double Feature. My tip: Don't take a laxative.

Film Intel takes a look at the upcoming Inception special edition box, and the incredulous price in the UK for TV 3D Glasses. You're at home, probably trying to watch porn, who cares if they're stylish!

Poll Update:
Your mastery of postermodifimigration is astounding! Makes me wish I was a lepacorn. Does any of that make sense? ChickenPopsodaisy. I rest my case.

1. 8 votes: 8 or more (I love voter irony)
2. 5 votes: None (*sad face* - I'm with you)
3. 2 votes: 2 - 4 (score! double irony - WINNER!)
4. 1 vote: 5 - 7 (look on the bright side, 1 isn't quite as lonely as -1)
5. 0 votes: Just 1 (once you go poster, there's no going back!!!!)

New Poll: The Social Network is opening this weekend. I don't care much if the film is good or bad. What I want to know is how much do you social network?

Helpful Tip of the Week:
The title Nutritionist is a non-defined, non-protected, term anyone who writes anything about eating "healthy" can call themselves. The title Dietitian requires a proper education, training, and is maintained by the reception of a license to practice as such. Suffice to say, if you read a magazine and see someone list themselves as Nutritionist, they're basically saying "Wikipedia told me so." Sure, some of them are smart, but mixed in is a wide array of wrong information (carbs are bad - they're not, in fact they're quite necessary) and just plain stupidity (such as the ones telling you to eat obscure middle eastern foods for made up vitamins). Just keep that in mind, will yah?

Educational, Bi-Directional, Uni-Sexual, The Monday Corner is more healthy for you than a hug from a Unicorn. Not every blog can say that, BOOYAH!

10 better thoughts:

April Skye said...

I can't decide which part of this post was my favorite. But the poster poll was pretty fabulous. The last place I lived in, I had at least 20 posters lined up all over my bedroom walls because I love flying pandas and everytime we had a house inspection, I'd have to run around, frantically taking all of them off quickly enough to roll them up and hide them away in my wardrobe - but gentle enough to not rip them. It was quite a challenge!

April Skye xx

SugaryCynic said...

I am poster maniac, I have a bunch of friends who work in the theater near school and I always try to snag free posters from them because, what can I say, I love flying pandas.

Castor said...

What kind of movie blogger can look him or herself in the mirror if he/she doesn't own at least one movie poster??? I would love a flying pandas to kick you in the face for this major infraction!!!! ;)

Andrew Robinson said...

I dont own any posters :P

However I hope in the future to change this with some nicely framed ones to go on my wall :D

Also, thanks for the link Ryan

The Mad Hatter said...

But what does our jamaican friend have to say about surviving a triple feature??

Simon said...

Posters make my life. I print them out from the computer when I can't get the real thing, but it's just not the same. Alas.

Univarn said...

@April Thanks for the comment and wow, why did you have to remove them all? Were you not supposed to have them? If so, that's dedication right there. Makes me feel ashamed.

@Sugary I hate the phrase "hook me up" because I always imagine a failure in communication resulting in me being hung by the neck, but how about letting me in next time you get some free posters? :P If nothing, a blog competition should be in order.

@Castor I own 0 posters, but I make up for it by having no control over my room atm...

@Andrew What, no Disturbia posters? I don't believe it!

@Mad I don't know, I'll be sure to quiz him come Thursday when I guest on TUMP

@Simon I just imagine you sitting around with a bunch of posters all of which have been organized by day to display your schedule. Would make for an epic calendar!

Heather said...

For Andrew I would also suggest he add, NOT being pregnant. Even a Tarantino film or a Lord Of The Rings flick it's nearly impossible to hold it, and clearly you don't want to miss any of the film. Also avoid soy sauce. That's all I have to say about that!

I really need to get on the Simon and Jo show. I still need to get caught up on Hatters last few casts and the LAMBcast as well. It's been a few slow going weeks!

Fletch said...

"except in my imagination"


simoncolumb said...

wow! i only just realised I never thanked you for the link! Muchos appreciated! I never even realised you listened! Thanks for tuning in!


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