Monday, September 13, 2010

The Monday Corner 9/13/2010

How to overcome social anxiety:
1. Recognize everyone is flawed
2. Accept that's perfectly fine
3. Realize it will ultimately lead to the downfall of man
4. Mourn for the inevitable deconstruction of society
5.... A crap I did it again. I should never have tried to write a self help book.

For your Consideration:
Welcome to Linkage City. Please Do Not Feed the Chimpanzee.

TIFF Coverage is in full swing, here's a few of my much beloved fellow bloggers who are keeping you up to date on the latest going ons:

The Playlist
The Dark of the Matinee
Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind
Black Sheep Reviews
Film Experience Blog

Thanks to all of you who are doing these posts! They're greatly appreciated by us all who can't be there with you.

Poll Update:
It seems nobody does my polls anymore. All the lost love. *Cries* Then again nobody reads my blog anymore (though I take some of that as my own comment lacking fault). So here goes nothing!

1. 4 votes: The Triple D's (I concur on some level, especially the latest Resident Evil film)
2. 3 votes: Mediocre Throughout (I suppose if you don't care for acting/plot this is your game)
3. (tie) 1 vote: Fine Entertainment & Smelling Fouler (I lean far more towards the latter)
4. 0 votes: Absolutely Awesome (i.e. I have no fanboy readers)

New Poll: I want to know - How much impact does a film's trailer have on your desire to see the film?

Random Thought of the Week:
I've been thinking lately about the use of Publicists by members whose career would generally designate one. I get the point of them from the perspective of handling and organizing media coverage for them. What I don't get is the need to pay for a team of them in order to handle "crisis control" for various situations (I'm sure Kayne West has an entire division named after him). Wouldn't it be easier to just not be an asshole to begin with? Add to that, to this day I don't buy well into people who do "charity," but only so long as they're surrounded by cameras they've paid good money to be there. Wouldn't real charity have designated that the money that went to publicizing the giving of the money be just also given away? Surely it would do more good. Unless of course you're doing a raising awareness campaign... and no, you're not allowed to count yourself among those you're raising awareness about. At least not when it comes to charity.

Ciao mis amigos!

6 better thoughts:

snobbyfilmguy said...

You hit it on the head with the publiscist comments. I know people who run to their friends for "crisis control". Next time someone runs to me I'm going to give them this link and then tell them my price for handling their "crisis."

Castor said...

Publicist, another economically non-productive job out there.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

So, does this mean you wouldn't want to be my publicist?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Agree with you on the last point!
And I was really getting into your self-help tips...

Simon said...

I want to be there so bad. So bad...

Publicists are neccessary to make celebrities tolerable if we must stomach them at all. Long live those underpaid bastards.

movie forums said...

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