Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Take on 3D

If you've ever wondered what comedian possesses the greatest influence on my rants here, I would have to say it's none other than David Mitchell. A British satire comedian (That Mitchell and Webb Look - awesome stuff), king of panel shows (Quite Interesting and Would I Lie to you?), and master of the art of the RANT (David Mitchell Rant Collection). So, why go through all that? Well just to setup his latest rant on the use of 3D. I thought it was pretty awesome, and instead of writing my own I figured I'd share this with you:

- Note: Even though the installment is in 3D (feel free to use your glasses if you have them) it's perfectly visible without it.

You can check out other articles, and rants, of David Mitchell's at

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Ciaran O'Brien said...

I completely agree with what he says about art. As a wannabe film maker/ camera operator I want to be focusing on telling the story with my camera, not just shooting in a way that avoids giving people headaches. Not only is a it a gimmick but it is taking away countless amounts of creative possibilities.

Apologies for ranting all over your excellent blog!

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