Friday, July 16, 2010

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post 7/16/2010

While every one of my blogging buddies is beating each other up, in order to be the first to claim Inception as the "OMG GREATEST MOVIE EVER!" or "WORST MOVIE EVER!" I'll be enjoying a peaceful weekend in the mountains of Tennessee. Maybe I'll go the movies, but I doubt it. Most likely I spend my weekend sitting idly by, watching beautiful scenery, and doing nothing (well, probably some podcast editing, blog writing, and reading, but relatively nothing). So, enjoy your weekend fine folks!

Wide Releases

Inception: While I know this is considered a sin to many of you, I'm only mildly looking forward to Inception. I love Memento, and regardless of The Dark Knight love, I still hold it as Nolan's best work. While at the same time I also believe this movie looks more like Paprika meets Ocean's 11 (without all the comedy/silliness). I think it'll be fascinating. Whether or not that'll work for me... completely up in the air.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Wahoo! Nic Cage as a crazy man with stuff that shoots out of his hands! It's like Christmas all over again. Let's go team! Jay Baruchel do something geeky. Ok good! Molina do something evil and rawr! Bellucci do something.... do something..... *wipes drool form mouth* nevermind, just be there for me when I'm scared? Ok ok ok, that's a bit much. I admit! Now, go do crazy super stuff!

Standing Ovation: Right. Because when you sexual pre-teens, but in a Disney High School musical sort of way, nothing bad could ever happen. Isn't that right Lindsay? Lindsay.....? Oh crap!

I do want to say The Concert staring my newest crush Melanie Laurent may, or may not, be opening this weekend. Even though they are run by the same people Box Office Mojo has it down for the 30th, while IMDB has it for today, but has nothing about it. So, who knows!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

I'd rather see Salt than Inception... now everyone tar and feather me for my blasphemy.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm one of those lining up for Inception! However, Memento is still his best work.
I'll post a review of Inception tomorrow. You just enjoy the scenery.

The Mad Hatter said...

Already got my INCEPTION fix today before I hit the road for the weekend. If I might offer - try to block out all they hype, and just "go see a movie". If you do, you'll be nicely rewarded.

Castor said...

Looking forward to Inception on Sunday. It better be good or I will be really pissed!

Univarn said...

@MVP Salt looks very mediocre, if not bad, to me. And I love most of the talent involved.

@Alex Shall do :)

@Mad So basically don't read any blogs for the next two weeks as people's heads explode trying to state their opinion for it. My issue with Nolan's last film, Dark Knight, is I couldn't read blogs for 5 minutes without coming across someone labeling it the greatest single thing in the history of the universe. Which, frankly, annoyed me to no end.

@Castor That's one of my quips. People are so convinced it has to be good, I fear the blogging consequences if it isn't as good as they deem it must be. It has 0 chance of getting a fair review from anyone, regardless of its quality.

The Mad Hatter said...

@ Univarn... It's just a movie. Was always gonna be 'just a movie', always will be 'just a movie'. Anything more than that...anything pulling it higher than an 8/10 - is up to you.

Don't believe the hype.

Simon said...

Dude. Go. See. Inception. It's worth it, even if you hate it, you'll get plenty of interestingly-spelled emails.

AnswerMVP: I'm not going to tar you. I'll just stare at you until you're vastly uncomfortable.

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