Monday, July 26, 2010

The Monday Corner 7/25/2010

What's the most annoying parasite? A Fanboy. A Fanboy can infect the human mind, can build loyal legions. A fanboy can transform discourse and rewrite all the rules of free opinion. Which is why I have to stop them.

I apologize if I haven't quite been my usual goofy and high comment self as of late. Have a lot on my mind, and have hit a bit of a lull in my blogging desire. Though have no fear, I'll fight my way through it, and hope you all understand :).

For your Consideration:
Link in. Link out. Link in. Link out. If you try hard you can almost imagine Pat Morita saying it.... or not.

LAMBCast #31 (I know!?) went live this week with a high testosterone fueled blogger discussion (6 guys will do that I believe). Though I dare say this is one of the funnier episodes yet!

Since all anyone wants to talk about these days is Inception, Dark of the Matinee's Mad Hatter is compiling a list of people's reviews for discussion to commence.

The King Bulletin not only has a new layout, but also a new website in all! Be sure to reset your feeds ladies and gents!

Visiting Japan soon? Yeah, me neither. Still it won't hurt to know where the best theaters are if you go. And Japan Cinema has that list ready for you!

Ok, now I don't do this much, but since they asked I figured I might as well. Apparently Visa Signature card (if you have one) has a deal going on where you get 20% off each $25 in tickets (or $5 off) when you use to get your tickets. So, if you qualify, have at it!

Poll Update:
I wonder if there's been an abundance of poll addicts traveling lately because you have been turning out in mass to vote. I love it!

1. 13 votes: 50/50 depending on the film (100/100 if you're watching Gia at 2am - shhhhh)
2. 6 votes: Generally good (I should stop listening to She Bangs when Angelina enters the screen)
3. 5 votes: Usually bad (I would argue with you, but I also saw the Tomb Raider films)
4. 4 votes: Absolutely Amazing (short term memory - a gift and a curse)
5. (tie) 1 vote: One of the best modern greats & personification of horrid (polarity rules!)
7. 0 votes: Among the least favorite (ok then)

New Poll: From the above rewrite of the Inception trailer quote, I want to know - how do you feel about the internet fanboy phenom?

LiE Update:
- Before summer is over, and I get a job *fingers crossed* I'll be going on a vacation to see my grandparents (at 80 you gotta go while you have the chance). Have a few posts in mind so no worries there. But I figured I'd let you in one some upcoming reviews I plan to do (which may mean less regular features over the next few weeks) - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Repo Men, The Ghost Writer, Tokyo Godfathers, and Being There. Not to mention I still need to do my Apocalypto review for the 1001 movie club.

Have a good one everybody!

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Darren said...

Yep. I hate fanboys. Nobody can sour discourse on a film like fanboys.

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