Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Film Enigma - Episode 1

Welcome to the very first episode of THE FILM ENIGMA, a brand new game show from A Life in Equinox. This week two of the finest bloggers put their film knowledge to the test in four of our rounds: 3 Things and a Movie, Pick Your Poison, Not Me - The other Guy, and The Film Bluffs. No more rambling from me though, let's get on with the show!

33 minutes, 7 seconds


The Dark of the Matinee
Film Forager

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17 better thoughts:

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Let the carnage begin!

Sasha (The Final Girl Project) said...

So, yeah, holy crap. I would so fail.

Scott said...

Just listened to the first episode. Loved it! Want to be a part of it. Mother, may I?


Liam said...

That was awesome - you both did far better than I would have. Tough quiz. But damn entertaining :D

Anonymous said...

Cool, I just downloaded it. I love some good movie trivia so I'm really looking forward to listening!

L-Ren said...

<> I liked it! :) Aside from Harry Potter, I would have been in the negatives. :( sad news. good theme music.

Univarn said...

@AlexJ Now I wish I had done a 300 trivia question.

@Sasha Well, this was just a test out to gauge things on my end. Future episodes will probably be a bit easier :)

@Scott If you use the contact me link at the top of the site and send me your email I'll set you up :)

@Liam Glad to hear it was entertaining.

@silver be sure to tell me what yah think when you do!

@L-Ren Well, you had a bit of help :P

Mike Lippert said...

Hey, this was a good idea. I really liked it. Certainly better than most podcasts where people just talk for an hour.

Dan said...

Top stuff, excellent questions, and Mad Hatter and Alex were great contestants. Well done to all!

Simon said...

I would fail miserably and spectacularly.

Will said...

I enjoyed it. I thought the questions were too abstract but I liked the thing at the end stringing the movie titles together. Looking forward to some more episodes.

Univarn said...

@Mike Thanks! Was hoping to give something a bit different.

@Dan They were awesome. Even though the podcast is 30 mins we spent about 2 hours just idly chit chatting.

@Simon It's ok, that's why it's a quiz.

@Will I do plan to do some theme ones, assuming it holds some consistent listeners.

Danny King said...

Yeah, this was very entertaining. And educational at the same time because I thought the questions were really tough.

Heather said...

Your obsession with Leprechauns bring me joy.

For the record I was screaming out I don't want to be a chicken pie, I don't like the taste of gravy!!!!!

The questions were challenging enough to make me nervous, but still up my ally enough to think I may have a possible chance in the universe at doing somewhat not embarrassingly tragic.

Really fancy work guys. Loved it!

Fletch said...

Solid show, Univarn, and I enjoyed the tight competition. That last segment has the potential to swing just about any point differential.

Like Scott, I'm itching for a turn...hint hint.

You're way too gracious a host, though, with the extra hints and all that. I'd be a friggin' dictator with these fools. ;)

Univarn said...

@Danny I'm going to try and make the questions a bit easier, but I like them to be somewhat informative. Things people might not know.

@Heather Leprechauns are amazing. I love Chicken Run, had it on the mind all week leading up to recording date.

@Fletch I wanted to keep it somewhat light hearted. It's all in good fun, nobody really wins anything. Just for a laugh.

Kaiderman said...

I would love in on this too. Tried contacting you from the link at the top but error popped up.
You're Leprechaun obsession was a concern but I think Hatter's Hillary Swank obsession topped it.

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