Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obligatory DVD Release Post 6/22/2010

Whew ladies and gents we're getting into rocky territory this week. A few bombs (box office and cinematic), a few noms (oscar-wise), and, well, a few question marks to say the least. Let's get up and see what this week has to offer!

Wide Release:

Green Zone: This movie is high on my want to see list. Then again, I'm not surprised it hit hard on the box office failure front. Middle East war films seem to be getting the high shun from audiences. But certainly not critics and bloggers. We'll eat 'em up just right if served correctly, so keep at it Hollywood. Just a note: stick to the Hurt Locker technique. Keep it under $20m

The Last Station: This movie sits at #1 for my dvd rental queue this week. It's got everything I want a film to have, and I'm ready to attack! Of course I'm going to have to wait a bit (job interview and all), but I intend to be ready to watch before next week is out. Christopher Plummer, here I come! Wait, that sounds a bit odd. Helen Mirren here I come! That could be a bit sexist. Oh, ALL OF YOU, here I come! There, LiE is an equal opportunity blog.

Remember Me: That's Sarah McLachlan's job, not mine. Don't try and hand off your wants onto me! I've got enough on my plate thank you very much. Besides, why do I want to remember you? Are you going to make me an offer I can't refuse? Oh Robert Pattinson, you smoothie you. Oh, by the way, LiE making a musical reference, I think I deserve credit for that. Booyah Mad Hatter, you're not the only game in town! 1 down... 523829389292 to go.

She's Out of My League:
Yep, moving on.

Other Releases: The Good Guy, Fuel, Rock Slyde Private Eye

Other Goodies:

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 3-D Blu-Ray: It has begun...... et tu Brute, et tu!?

A Star is Born (Blu-Ray): Judy Garland, always loved, never truly appreciated.

Death Race 2000: Because people say I should watch it, and I just never do.

That's all folks. Enjoy your shopping adventures!

11 better thoughts:

SugaryCynic said...

ooh, The Last Station is out? finally! also I totally forgot Green Zone existed, even though when it came out I was all "JASON BOURNE...ISH" but then never saw it (shrug)

Alex said...

Death Race 2000 is one of the most badass movies I've ever seen. Recommended.

Also cool I had no idea Rock Slyde was finally being released, so thanks for the heads up! It's on netflix instant and everything.

Castor said...

I want to see Green Zone as well although it's not really a priority as I still have that Seven Samurai review to write ;P

Univarn said...

@sugary I concur, but no use avoiding it anyways :)

@Alex Perhaps I shall see DR2x0^3 (which I think is now officially a more awesome name) but I won't guarantee it. Honestly I hadn't heard a thin about Rock Slyde until IMDB told me so.

@Castor Everytime someone mentions Seven Samurai I feel like petting a puppy. But if you give it an F, just so you know you'll have killed all the puppy's in the world. No pressure or anything!

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

My copy of Death Race 2000 should be arriving today. Just read the sound quality is not too good, but it was still a recommended purchase by the reviewer (in terms of Blu-ray quality) as a film it's pure awesomeness. Looking even more forward to September when Starcrash gets released on Blu-ray, hopefully they do that justice. That's another B-movie everyone whose into science fiction should see at least once.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'd recommend watching both the new and the old Death Race movies and doing a comparison review.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Green Zone is actually a good movie, but it ended up being way misunderstood by the dozens who saw it. I wonder if you'll like The Last Station. I did like it, even though I forgot to review it. Eh, whatever, Helen knows I love her.

Simon said...

Last Station? Finally! God, I can't wait til I turn Of Age so I don't have to wait for these.

Univarn said...

@MVP I do hate it when releases don't live up to expectations. Always a bit annoying.

@Alex I've seen the new, would rather try and eat moldy cheese than watch it again. If I watch the old I'll be sure to do a comparison.

@Andrew We'll see. The Last Station looks fun, Green Zone is up in the air.

@Simon We've all been there.

Castor said...

I was thinking B- Univarn

Red said...

Last Station- Will definitely have to check this out sometime. Plummer, Mirre, and McAvoy is a wonderful cast to do this kind of movie.

Green Zone- Might give it a shot one day, but I've read way too many bad things about it to be anticipating this movie.

Remember Me- I actually liked it. The acting is shaky at times, as is the directing, but overall it's a movie that I can recommend. Hopefully the ending hasn't been spoiled for anybody before they watch it.

She's Out of My League- Funny, mainly due to the supporting cast, but Baruchel or however you spell his name was horrid in the lead.

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