Monday, June 21, 2010

The Monday Corner 6/21/2010

Well, I have some good news on the job front ladies and gentlemen. I have an interview this upcoming Wednesday so I've gone ahead and wrote, and scheduled, that post as I will be traveling all day! Wednesday will also jump start the new Final Line Project with a special kick-off post. I hope you all enjoy it, please be sure to comment, and pass along support!

For your Consideration:
A great collection of links this week, had a real hard time cutting a few I wanted to include!

The big LAMMY master man himself, and Best Blog runner up, is looking to repeat best festival coverage already as Dark of the Matinee tackles NXNE!

CineMarvellous is kicking off a new series as he counts down his all time favorite movie posters, be sure to check out part one today!

gmanReviews is on a role with his Western marathon, giving out a 10/10 to the classic Gregory Peck film, THE GUNFIGHTER. A personal favorite, and often overlooked, western masterpiece.

The Greatest Comedy Tournament is heating up over at Anomalous Material. And as round 1 slowly comes to a close, who will find themselves moving on? Your vote may make all the difference.

As Common Sense Movie Reviews delves further into the early works of Sean Connery, MVP finds a little gem in the 1957 thriller Time Lock.

You can never trust the phrase best ever, but when Four of Them uses it to describe their Toy Story 3 experience, you make sure to pay attention.

Poll Update:
Voting is the key to success. Or close enough.

1. 11 votes: Solid Most of the Time (about where I fall, Cars - good, not great)
2. 8 votes: Perfection Personified (fanboys and fangirls :P)
3. 2 votes (tie): Horrificness Abundant (haters) & Good, but with a bit of an after taste (typo left out sour, but I think people got the idea)
4. 0 votes: Some Hit and Some Miss & Mostly bad (yeah, people tend to sit on the high spectrum with Pixar)

New Poll: As I venture on, continuing my ever growing desire to please, I want to know, what can LiE do to make this a more pleasant reading experience for you! Be sure to comment if none of the options are what you're looking for!

Interesting Film Fact of the Week:
- Despite being over 4 1/2 hours long (depending on which version you go with) there is only 1 line spoken by a female character in the 1993 Civil War Epic Gettysburg. That line is delivered by the director's daughter, and is "I thought the war was in Virginia."

8 better thoughts:

SugaryCynic said...

yay employment! It usually means money! (unless your interning, like my stupid ass) good luck at the interview!

The Mad Hatter said...

Good luck on the interview! I'm still trying to get ahold of my part in the final line project...sorry if I'm slowing the whole thing up.

As for your poll, it was actually kind of tough for me to answer because I really like what you have going on here. However, since we all benefit from constructive criticism, I cast a vote anyway.

DEZMOND said...

wishing you luck on that interview, just be yourself (without your schizophrenic babbling off course :)and keep your ears and eyes open during the meeting.

Alex said...

I had an interview today too, what a coincidence! Good luck, I hope it goes well!

Univarn said...

@Sugary Thanks, we'll see how it goes.

@Mad Thanks! Haha, I'm just trying to position myself for my play at the LAMMYs next year :)

@Dezmond Thanks, I'll try to keep my ears open, but they have a tendency to hop off and go for a tea break.

@Alex How'd your interview go?

Castor said...

Best of luck on that interview Univarn! Preparation is key so review all those (stupid) questions they may ask.

For the poll, I went with more list (who doesn't love lists?) and more articles.

Shubhajit said...

All the best for the interview!!!

Simon said...

I just noticed the Monday Corner button was of In Bruges.

Linked! Woot!

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