Monday, May 31, 2010

The Monday Corner 5/31/2010

No silly humor, or stupid comments. Today is Memorial Day here in the USA. A day to remember the fallen, and injured, members of our armed forces over the years. A day to honor their sacrifice. A day to remember that they are heroes to us all. Show them that we love them, for all that that given us. So to all members of the armed forces, past and present, I would like to a take a moment and simply say: Thank you, from of the bottom of my heart.

For your Consideration:
Linking is a wonderful thing.

Encore Entertainment hosted a full on musical blog-a-thon spanning multiple sites, all of which took part according to the rules (except for me, because I am the rules). Was awesome seeing everyone's favorites, be sure to check them out!

Anomalous Material is gearing up for their Greatest Comedy of All-Time Tournament, and they need your help! Get over there and get your last minute suggestions in ASAP.

Common Sense Movie Reviews kicks off Sean Connery Sundays with a look at the 1957 drama, Hell Drivers.

Kid in the Front Row ponders if film school is not only worth it, but is it even necessary?

gmanReviews tackles one of my favorite westerns. The deliciously violent, soaked in visual subtext, that is The Wild Bunch.

The LAMB is kicking off their Acting School 101 with Robert Downey Jr. If you forgot, my entry can be found here.

Life of a Cinephile & Bibliophile
wants to know if you've ever watched a movie just because of the talent involved. And if so, what movies?

Poll Update:
With over a week to vote, you all came out in droves (or close enough).

1. 14 votes: Alan Rickman (he's just too damned good)
2. 6 votes: Gary Oldman (Air Force One = awesome?)
3. 4 votes: Jason Isaacs (far too underloved, far too amazing)
4. 3 votes: Mark Strong (the growing contender)
5. (tie) 1 vote: Malcolm McDowell & Other (McDowell = always great, but Other = unspecified)
6. 0 votes: Ray Winstone & Jeremy Iron (*sad face*)

New Poll: Marmaduke is coming out this weekend. Excited? Yeah, me neither. What I want to know is how do you feel about the always prevalent Family-Dog Comedies?

Interesting Film Fact of the Week:
** With the passing of Dennis Hopper I leave you with this fact related to his 1969 classic, Easy Rider: The original cut of the film was around three hours in total length. After a variety of cuts, the film was 95 minutes. Almost half the original time.

That's all for this week ladies and gents, hope you enjoy yourself!

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