Monday, May 24, 2010

The Monday Corner 5/24/2010

Some people in this world you can never trust. Other people in this world you can sometimes trust. Then there's the select few, the elite, the ones you can always trust.

I am proud to be among the ones you can always trust. Then again if I'm among the ones you can never trust then you can't trust that. Dilemmas... perhaps this is all part of my evil plan for world domination. Well world domination is a bit much. I'd settle for two fast food chains, and 1/3rd of China. Now I ask you, is that too much to give to someone you love? Is it!?

Note: This was compiled on Friday as opposed to Sunday evening, as usual, so posts made over the weekend are not included (be sure to check out my Blogroll for updates!).

For your Consideration:
Blog-o-sphere The Final Fronteir. These are the voyages of the LiE Blog Readers. Their mission: to seek out new blogs, and new posts. To boldly go with Uni has sent them. Or something like that.

LAMBCast #22 is now up with your LAMMY nominations. Spoiler Warning: Life in Equinox did rather well.

As is the case for any of his amazing blog-a-thons, many have turned out to take part in He Shot Cyrus's My Best Post event! Be sure you check out everyone's entry as bloggers display the personal favorites of their own collection.

gmanReviews is getting into Western genre as he tackles my #2 all time favorite film: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

As LOST comes to an end, The Dark of the Matinee looks back on how he became a fan of the series, and how its impacted his television viewing.

On the eve of her own college graduation, Film Forager counts down her top 5 movies about college.

Poll Update:
Wow, tight race. Interesting to see such a heavy split!

1. (tie) 5 votes: A little bit better and Just Go Back (close enough I'll leave it as is for now)
2. 4 votes: Barely even noticeable (yeah, about what I figured)
3. 1 vote: Much Better (nice to know someone cares about all my hard work)
4. 0 votes: Weighing Down the Site (whew, glad it isn't awful or anything)

New Poll: I've compiled a list of my favorite working British actors I generally associate with the roles of villains or dubious characters. I want to know, which ones are your favorite? And if I missed any shout out in the comments section!

Interesting Film Fact of the Week:
* In reality Ingrid Bergman is barely taller than Casablanca co-star Humphrey Bogart. In order to allow Bogart to appear to be the taller, dashing, man in Casablanca, Bogart had to stand on boxes, and uneven stages, among other things, to give this illusion. If you watch the film carefully enough you can see his height in relation to Bergman changing throughout the film (based on whatever they happened to be using at the time).

1 better thoughts:

Simon said...

Foiled again...

I have noticed the imblanace thing, but I assumed it was so ineptude on Bogie's part. And I was right! Hazzah!

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