Friday, April 30, 2010

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post #28

If there's something strange on your viewing screen, who yah gonna call!?


Ok, so it doesn't make sense, but then again neither does this weekend's releases. So I think it's a fair joke.

Wide Releases:

A Nightmare on Elm Street: How this movie could be made awesome - Make it's musical score THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM. Think about it. It would be ******* Awesome! You'd watch, and you'd love it! Admit it! Overall this movie just looks awful. I might just wait for DVD then watch it, and fast forward through all non-Haley scenes and call it a day.

Furry Vengeance: The only vengeance that shall be occurring during this film's theatrical run will be the line of Soccer mom's lining around the building demanding their money back. What happened Fraiser? You were always bad, but in sort of a cheesy, punk rock, wanna be tough guy way. Remember Airheads!? Go back. Stop this. You're becoming a poor man's Keanu Reeves!

Limited Releases:

Please Give:
When can we start the Whatever happened to Rebecca Hall posts? Sure she's in this, but not in any commercial I've seen (or paid attention too). 2008 was a hell of a year for her (Frost/Nixon + Vicky Christina Barcelona), and then she vanished into an unseen Dorian Gray film. I love Catherine Keener and Oliver Platt but they're entirely material based, not enough to get me out there to see the film.

Harry Brown: Michael Caine + Gun = Uni holding back excitement (*crosses legs*). Caine during the 70's could charm me into selling government secrets. These days he's cashing in as Alfred (my favorite part of the 2 recent Batman films - yes I said it!), and well, he's just pure awesome. I'd watch this movie if it was just Caine talking about Goat milking for 2 hours... wait, I probably shouldn't say that.

Well, there may be other stuff, but heck if I know anything about them. So, get out to local theater and report back to me ASAP!

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Mike Lippert said...

You have to admit, Fraier was pretty good in stufflike Gods and Monsters and The Quiet American. I actually read the script to Harry Brown a long time ago and it's a movie Death Wish kind of movie. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Castor said...

I wanted to see Nightmare on Elm Street but the 12% RT is making me reconsider quickly...

Univarn said...

@Mike I haven't seen God's and Monsters but I'll check it out. I did like him in Quiet American, but not enough. His film selections of late have just been very weak.

@Castor Yeah, me too.

DEZMOND said...

BRENDAN FRASER is actually an amazing actor. I respect his wish to make lovely movies for families, kids and fantasy lovers, and he's great in the genre, but he has also shown us his stunning dramatic skills in THE QUIET AMERICAN (he should've won an Oscar for that performance) and in CRASH as well.
One day, he'll get an Oscar like Sandra Bullock.

Simon said...

Fuck you, Furry Vengeance. Fuck you to hell.

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