Monday, April 19, 2010

The Monday Corner 4/19/2010

I once met a Chimpanzee in an alley one night on my way home from school. He was smoking a cigar, and discussing the appropriate use of waxing with an Orangutan.

Curiously I walked up to him, and with a puzzled look I asked "Hey, you can speak?"

Turning around he released a slight grin and said "No, I'm just eating peanut butter. It's the Orangutan who's speaking."

We chuckled.

In a more serious tone, I questioned "But really, how did you learn to speak?"

The Chimpanzee took a quick puff of his cigar, releasing fumes in the darkened sky. Gazing down he asked "Well, how did you learn to speak?"

I thought for a moment, and aptly replied "Well, I suppose I just mimicked the actions of those around me."

Nodding, in an understanding pose, he stretched, look sharply into my eyes and said "Aren't you the lucky one, asshole."

He then turned around patted the Orangutan on the back, and left the alley.

To this day I have no idea what the hell happened.

I bet you wouldn't believe I've never done drugs, would you?

For your Consideration:
What? You guys posted this week!? I had no idea! Well, fine, here's some stuff to check out!

The mOvie Blog wrote one of the best pieces I've read in a long while as they examine the use of Race Lifting, especially in recent films, such as the upcoming film Avatar: The Last Airbender.

He Shot Cyrus
lists the five podcasts he's "head over heels for." No Podcastmonium, but I'll accept Matineecast being there as reasonable substitute.

Mike from You Talking to Me? lets you know why Bruce Dern should be in every movie.

This week's Big Question over at asks, do you think Tim Burton's films are too similar?

Dark of the Matinee
wants to know if his way of going to sleep is a little insane. I was going to ask this question but somehow I have a feeling juggling coconuts before sleep is just one of those me only things.

Poll Update:
Voting, yes yes, you vote good. Very good voting. Yes, yes (this is an in joke none of you will get, but it makes me smile so :P).

1. 6 votes: Mostly bad, but a few real gems
2. 5 votes: Doesn't bother me one bit (it's ok to stop grinding your teeth now)
3. 3 votes: No! Just leave the originals alone! (might be surprised how many films are remakes you'd never know about)
4. 2 vote: Meh, Some good, some bad (but always there).

New Poll: With Kick-Ass and violence on the mind, I want to know how do you feel about violence in movies?

Random Stuff
- I love the fact that when Chris Rock remaking Kurosawa's High and Low was announced this past, about half the bloggers I follow here and on twitter messaged me, or mentioned me, in either "hold him back" or an apology. I thank you all for your support as I go through this difficult time? (not sure what to say....)

Well, that's all folks, see you next time. Same Uni time. Same Uni channel. Figured I'd try that out, let me know!

7 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

Hoyl crap, a double shout out! And it's not even my birthday!!

Yeah, I wondered your reaction when I heard the Chris Rock news myself...good to know you're cool with it. Is it just me, or does Rock remaking movies seem like a bit of a lesser danger now that DEATH AT A FUNERAL wasn't much of a success?

Mike Lippert said...

I think Chris Rock needs to keep remaking minor movies because I loved Death at a Funeral however when he remakes Rohmer and it turns into Why Did I Get Married? it's not nearly as good. Plus, how can you meaningfully remake a movie that is, down to it's very title, about Japanese society? Please no comic film noir, please please please. Thanks for the link too.

Univarn said...

@Mad When is your birthday? I need to make sure I do the most embarrassing post imaginable on that day!

@Mike That's a good point. I think that context of society is what gets lost so much in modern Kurosawa adaptations. If you can't mimic it, you at least have to try and make it in the spirit of.

Simon said...

Was I Think I Love My Wife a remake of Chloe in the Afternoon?

Excellent update, good sir.

Castor said...

I would send you a new keyboard for the one you smashed when you read the news. I would also fly Anomalous Material's flags at half staff.

Univarn said...

@Simon according to IMDB it was good sir. Chris Rock seems to be in remake overdrive (I just wish they would acknowledge this when doing promos and not trying to pass it off as their own movie).

@Castor If I smashed my keyboard I'd be needing a new laptop. I'm guessing the Anomalous Material budget wouldn't cover that? :P

elgringo said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I'll check out your podcast this week.

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