Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Obligatory DVD Release Post February 9th, 2010

You're telling me it's only tuesday!? WHAT!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Wasn't Monday like over a week ago? It was? But if today is... ooooo that's right there's a Monday every week! GAH! I hate you calendar.

I'm buying a new one. One in which every day is labeled Saturday or Sunday. That way when I don't go to class I can say: "oh, my calendar says it's the weekend, I don't go to class on the weekends." Now, whose with me!?

New Releases:

The Time Traveler's Wife: You know I've heard some great lines for getting away from a one night stand. But I'm a Time Traveler? Whew, and she buys it!? Gah, Eric Bana you are the man. I wonder if I could get away with it? Hmmmm. "Oh no, I'm not leaving you I've gotta jump through time... see you in the future!"

Couples Retreat: Is amusing that the title for this film, also became a statement on what happened after people went and saw it. I love Favreau, not a big fan of Vaughn, and the rest of the cast, eh, I could live without. Odds of me ever watching this: very low. Odds of me feeling bad: even less.

A Serious Man: To be followed by the hollywood musical: A Constipated Man. It's a trying tale of a Jewish physics professor as his life hits a wall once he gets constipated. Really, it'll be an emotional and trying tale. With such hits as "Holy Crap, I'm Constipated" and "I've Really Gotta Go." Check your local theaters soon! Oh? The actual movie? Ummmm listen to my thoughts here.

Bronson: A romance really. The trying tale of a hardened criminal, and how he came to be in love with himself. Sure there's violence, but there's a lot of heart, I swear! Ok, not really. But this movie is one of the more unique experiences of last year, with one perfect Hardy performance. My review.

Other Releases: The Stepfather, Dangerous Man, I Hate Valentine's Day, Ice Castles, Dare, Serious Moonlight, The Penguins of Madagascar.

Other Goodies:

David Lean DVD Collection: Ok, so there's no Kwai, but there's still lots of Lean greats here like Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, Madeleine, and such.

Other Releases: Running Man, The Phantom

Alright that about wraps it up. Have fun everyone!

5 better thoughts:

Castor said...

Pretty decent week. I liked The Time Traveler's Wife in theater so I will probably see it again at some point. I have yet to see A Serious Man and Bronson so those are at the top of the list

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

Dangerous Man! It's Seagal TIME!

Univarn said...

@Castor I may watch Time Traveler's Wife. May not. I dunno. See Bronson. Serious Man, eh, more visually appealing than narratively.

@MVP You go watch. I'll stay over here and just watch paint dry.

Candice Frederick said...

i really didn't like th etime traveler's wife, but i am rentingh a serious man

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

If Seagal did an anime film, you'd care!

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