Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Obligatory DVD Release Post February 23, 2010

It's tuesday, and you know what that means! (free chicken at Uni's diner?) NO! It's Obligatory DVD Release Post time!!!!

(....I'd rather have the chicken)

Quiet you!

(fine.... hey let's go out for soup!)

Ugh. On with the DVDs!

New Releases:

The Informant: Matt Damon or Russell Crowe, I wonder who would win if we had an informant off? Damon's character had the mental issues, but Crowe's had all the people out to get him. My money: Al Pacino shows up and whacks both of them, Godfather style! Oh, and as for this movie.... eh. My review.

The Damned United: I just realized I never reviewed this movie :(. I'm surprised. It's definitely one of the few good movies you didn't see last year. I'm not as high on it as many of my followers, but anytime Michael Sheen dominates the screen like that, you've gotta give him his props.

The Box: God, I know I keep saying it, but I still wish this was The Jack in the Box. It would have been so awesome! You could play that familiar tune every time, then wham out of nowhere comes Cameron Diaz to kill you! She can hop out of a cardboard box, and we can hide it by saying it's a commentary on homelessness! It would be brilliant! (no, it would be awful.... sooooo incredibly awful).

Everybody's Fine: Good, if everybody's fine, then I don't need to see this movie. Man, why put spoiler alerts right in the title? (yeah yeah I know that's not the truth, but eh, I don't care to see this movie).

Dead Snow: You know you'd think zombie Nazis would have been my idea, wouldn't you? Nah, I left it for the foreigners to handle. I'm going in the direction of Elephant zombies. It would be epic. Imagine Jurassic Park + Zombies. Oh, and yeah, this movie was eh too. My review.

Other Releases:
Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (John C. Reilly please)
The September Issue (missed it by a few months)
Sorority Row (Princess Leia with a shotgun? My dreams are coming true!)
Motherhood (no thanks)
Crude (never heard of it)

Other Goodies:

The Crazies: With the remake coming out soon, it's no surprise the original is getting the Blu-Ray makeover. Been a while since I've seen this, wonder if it'll hold up?

Alrighty, so not much I really care about coming out this week, but still. Be sure you check out Damned United!

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Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Agree that Damned United was damn good. I'm shocked that it appears to be R - now that is one ridiculous rating.

I can't believe I didn't see The September Issue. I mean... fashion and film all in one? Gotta love it.

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