Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Obligatory DVD Release Post February 16, 2010

WAHOO It's time for your week's dvd releases! And what variety we have! I wonder with so many different films coming out on DVD this week, will you all have time to read my blog? *tear*

Oh ok, I'll stop playing the sad lug. Look on the bright side, if evil chickens from Jupiter invaded tomorrow, you could save yourself a lot of money purchasing chicken seed as a last line of defense, instead of ammunition :).

New Releases:

Law Abiding Citizen: If you've followed my blog at all over the past few months then you know my opinion of this movie. It's in my top 10 worst films of the year and my review of it had to pull out the dreaded 4... something I rarely like to do. This movie is what would happen if Bob Dole and Hilary Clinton mated and produced an offspring. It's disturbing, not for what it shows you, but because you can't believe it's happening... and they're serious about it.

Good Hair: I would like to note I'm still waiting for the sequel for this to be announced: Bad Teeth. Chris Rock can go around analyzing the use of absurd gold, silver, and diamond teeth attachments that make rappers look like they have the world's shiniest case of rabies. Ok, I'll admit I'm curious, but don't hold your breath on me going to watch this.

Coco Before Chanel: Who doesn't love Audrey Tautou? It's one of the 11 commandments these days!

Hunger: OK I've had this in my HURRY UP AND RELEASE ALL ******** READY! queue for about 4 months now. It shall be check out soon.

Be Sure to Check out: Black Dynamite (absolutely hilarious), Women in Trouble (maybe)

Other Releases: Shaun of the Sheep (why!?), Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (dear god, save us), Revanche, Shark City

Other Goodies:

Goodfellas: 20th Anniversary Edition: Ah, yes, Goodfellas. Who doesn't need a little bit of it every now and then? Besides, anniversary editions always have the fun looking back stuff!

Clint Eastwood: 35 Films 35 Years: You know, I never thought I'd say this, but this package from Warner Bros. sounds pretty awesome.

Alrighty ladies and gents. That's all for today. Happy dvd hunting!

3 better thoughts:

Candice Frederick said...

lol, i actually kinda liked law abiding citizen...

The Mad Hatter said...

Another GOODFELLAS special edition?? Is this really necessary?

And good lord - with all the dvd's I've been watching lately, it's painful to think of what's just been released and trying to add to the cue!

rtm said...

I love that we live in a free country where we can agree to disagree. I happen to enjoy Law Abiding Citizen, too, but I've said this to Fandango as well, I'm cool if people don't like it... hey, to each their own, right? So I'm not gonna go and rant why you should :)

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