Sunday, February 7, 2010

Life in Equinox Podcastmonium #7!!!!


What? You didn't dream for that? *cries* Fine, be that way. Don't let the Pontypool banner fool yah though, you've not walked into a portal and are now at Mad's podcast, you're still with me... stuck together, like always :P. Don't worry though I got you covered with everything from Oscars to Paul Thomas Anderson, and Dollar Theaters. This is the episode you've been waiting (or not) for! So jam packed full of excitement I had to edit out 10 minutes of me crying... I won't tell anyone, if you won't! Here it is: Life in Equinox Podcastmonium #7:

RUNTIME: 26mins 18seconds

Dollar Theaters & My Childhood
Hard Eight
Bright Star
The Informant
Oscar Nominees

*NOTE: Sorry for the volume on this one, it didn't sound loud on the playback but did when I converted it to mp3. Be forewarned!

5 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

Thievery!! What the heck are you trying to do...using my still shot and all...a mere day before my next podcast is getting posted???

What happened to honour among thieves? What happened to blogger integrity?? What happened to...crap I got nothin'

Gave me a smile seeing a still shot from PONTYPOOL used for your 'cast. Lookin' forward to listenin' to it. ANd right on cue, my next episode is going up tomorrow!

Univarn said...

@Mad Muhahaha. First the picture. Next the podcast. Then, THE WORLD!

...ok, so maybe not.

Danny King said...

Another great podcast. Some of my thoughts...

I also, like The Mad Hatter, really enjoyed The Informant! I think you're probably right that Damon's supporting nod is more of a testament to this role than it is to Invictus because they just didn't have room for him in the Best Actor field.

As far as the Oscars go, I'm similarly indifferent this year, but even more strangely, my favorite films were nominated, and I'm still not that passionate. Last year, I was crazy passionate about The Dark Knight and The Wrestler, and this year, while I still love Inglourious Basterds, The Hurt Locker, and Up in the Air, I find myself not really caring about whether they win Oscars or not. It's kind of a weird feeling, and I'll be curious to see if it changes next year.

As far as other snubs go, I totally agree with you about Carter Burwell. The score for Where the Wild Things Are was brilliant. Such an emotional film. If you haven't seen A Single Man though, that is the best original score of the year.

The Mad Hatter said...

So I listened to this episode while driving to my folks' yesterday, and got a smile from the shout-out.

I stand by my assessment of THE INFORMANT! and was drawn to it for it's outstanding use of style (so much of this sucker is blatantly early-90's), and the way in which Damon's character is so richly played. This is a guy who exists in a reality all his own, but can't seem to understand that.

That was what drew me in. The way he barrels through like a white-collared bull in a china shop, and seems to have a movie playing in his head that no one else can see.

Gotta admit though, far as Soderbergh movies go, it was much better than THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE!

Great 'cast buddy - keep up the good work.

Univarn said...

@Danny I still need to see Single Man. Just haven't had time to try and hunt it down.

@Mad It's ok you can like The Informant. I'll stand besides my indifference :)

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