Tuesday, February 2, 2010

If Oscar's A Talk'n Don't Come A Knock'n

That's right everyone it's oscar time which means everyone, and their mother, has made a post today about the oscars, maybe applied their thoughts, just to let you know all the breakdown. My thoughts will come in the form of a podcast this weekend, with predictions to come in the form of another podcast (that may or may not be done by me - more on that later). Honestly though I don't need to post all the nominees, you can find them out for yourself (Google > me). But if you want to know what everyone's thinking here's a little list for you:

The Flick Chick
The Dark of the Matinee
Movie Moxie (Organized by Films->Nominations)
From the Front Row
Movies and Other Things...
Reel Talk
The Playlist
The Silver Screening Room
The Film Experience
DVD Snapshot (Some Reaction+Prediction Here)
Final Cut (Reaction + List)

The King Bulletin (Reaction + List)
Plus Trailers (Reaction + List)

All About My Movies

Movies and Other Things
Black Sheep Reviews
Cinema Viewfinder

From the Front Row
The Playlist
The Ludovico Technique
The Silver Screening Room

Kinematoscope (Oscar Announcement Diary)
Cinema Romantico
Film Forager
John Likes Movies
Flix Chatter

If I missed your post, or you just posted a new one, please leave a comment with it and what category it falls under, or email me at lifeinequinox@gmail.com !

Two Notes:
1) If you posted multiple lists odds are I picked the one I felt most distinguished yours.
2) Unless your post was directly associated with reactions, I defaulted it to Lists.

Lots of great posts here, be sure to check them all out and I'll see you all later!

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Anonymous said...


DEZMOND said...

I decided not to write about Oscar nominations at all, because this year's lists seem terribly boring to me, I'm not even sure I'll watch the award ceremony itself.
I also think the ten movies in the best picture category was a bad idea, at least judging from all the bad movies that got nominated today.

Univarn said...

@weetiger thanks for posting that :). It's been added

@Dezmond To be honest there's only a couple of movies from the Top 10 List that I dislike being there. The main one being The Blind Side, which I didn't care much for. Wasn't bad, but not top 10 material.

Castor said...

Red had a prediction post yesterday http://www.anomalousmaterial.com/movies/2010/02/oscar-nomination-prediction/

Danny King said...

Hey Univarn:

Just finished my nomination + reaction post. Thanks for the linkage consideration!


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