Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Obligatory DVD Release Post January 12, 2010

If you spent any money on movies last week then I'm required by law to bitch-slap. Since I can't in person, the person nearest to you must perform this act. Please go now. Thank You. And on with the movies we go!

New Releases:

Moon: Moon, the first Space Frontier. These are the voyages of Sam Rockwell. His mission to provide lunar energy for the entire planet, while protecting the existence of all mankind, and delivering an oscar worthy performance for the best movie I saw last year. Even with hilarious youtube appeals, Sony has opted to reject putting any money behind this amazing film. It's a shame. But you can help it's cause. Go by a copy, rent it, spam about it on your blog. Go go go!!! My review.

The Brothers Bloom: What do you get when you mix The Sting with Rian Johnson (of the film Brick). An amazing film that practically nobody saw. It's fun, emotional, witty, off the wall, and it's a movie you should have seen already. Feeling enough shame already? If not, then you should! My review.

In the Loop: No this is not about your hulu-hoop skills, nor is it a movie about Fruit Loops. This is the best comedy you didn't see last year. Even better on a second viewing, In the Loop is the political satire we've been waiting for (and that's shocking since we just escaped 8 years of it!). Be sure you check this one out, it's just great all around. My review.

The Hurt Locker: If I have to explain why this movie is one you should rent/buy then you obviously have been living under a rock for the last 6 months. Dark, insightful, and painfully realistic, The Hurt Locker is an amazing piece of directing and writing, supported by brilliant performances. It's a shoe in for an oscar nomination, and should be a better favorite than it is (despite the lack of Moon love). My review.

Movies if you Buy I'll disown you:
Halloween 2 - The legend of Curly's Gold?
Fame - Not to be achieved by people staring in this movie
I Can Do Bad All By Myself - We know Tyler Perry, we saw your other movies. Remember?

Other New Releases: Downloading Nancy, Amreeka, By the People: The Election of Barak Obama, Big Fan, Brothers at War, Departures

Other Goodies:

8 1/2: Despite my personal reservations for 8 1/2 I recognize it is widely beloved, and few people handle widely beloved movies as well as Criterion.

Ghost in the Shell 2.0: This is quite an amazing anime series, you should all give it a shot!

Alright that wraps it up for this week. Get out there and buy some movies already!!!!!!

Oh and I expect reviews from everyone on Moon by the end of next week! That's right I'm giving you homework, now go!

2 better thoughts:

Alex said...

Well, I beat everybody to it because I've already reviewed all four of those movies plus Big Fan. HA! I LOVE WINNING.

Castor said...

Have to completely disagree with your assessment of The Hurt Locker being realistic. I'm writing up a review of the movie as we speak and it will be up later but the unrealistic premises and behaviors did detract from an otherwise thrilling and entertaining movie

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