Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Brothers Bloom (2009)


The best confidence men in the world, Boom (Adrien Brody), his older brother, Stephen (Mark Ruffalo), and their mysterious sidekick Bang Bang (Rinko Kikuchi) team up for one last con, this time their mark is the anti-social billionaire, Penelope (Rachel Weisz). As Bloom begins to fall for Penelope, Stephen's grand scheme slowly starts to unfold, leading all of them into unknown territory.

Borrowing from old school con films, and modern quirky comedies, The Brothers Bloom takes a series of unconnected film styles, whips them together, and presents one of the most likable films of the year. With strong, unique, emotional conflict, The Brothers Bloom stands out as a great character film. These characters are the backbone of the movie, and Johnson, for all his talent as a director, seems quite aware of this. Yet, at the same time, Johnson understands the need to not only fool the "mark," but keep the audience guessing as well. Though, not only are you guessing the con, you're forced to guess the characters. So full of quirks, conflict, and unspoken histories, they create an amazingly strong connection that draws the viewer in well above your typical character film.

The rapport between Ruffalo, Brody, Weisz, and Kikuchi is simply marvelous. They mesh so well together it highlights the best aspect of every scene of emotion. Yet, at the same time the characters portrayal to the audience reflects their inner conflicts. They're not always likable, but there's a sort of beautiful sympathy that develops between them and the viewer, allowing us to fall for them, their tricks, and find comfort in the fate that meets each one of them. In this instance the film is rather unique. There's a sense we're always being conned so it makes it difficult for even us to buy into all of the films moments, many of which are beautifully, and subtle metaphors for their own lives.

As such the ending to this film is both beautiful, and yet bittersweet. Happy for them, and yet sad to see the credits roll, I found myself begging for another con, despite the film having a few too many. I wanted so much more I almost got upset with the film for not going on. Yet, much like last years In Bruges, the general movie going audience has avoided the film due to a horrible (non-existent) marketing effort. The movie has a broad appeal, beautiful scenery, and comedy scenes to die for. A true movie and novel lovers delight, you simple can't take your eyes off the film during its run time.

Exciting, funny, and full of heart, The Brothers Bloom is probably one of the best films I've seen this year, and a must watch for all film lovers.

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DEZMOND said...

A big part of this movie was shot in my country and in my town as well. I've even sneaked into the sets and saw Brody, Weisz and her hubby Aronofsky :)

Univarn said...

@Dez name dropper :P

DEZMOND said...

you're just envious :PP

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