Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Obligatory DVD Release Post January 05, 2010

Ah it's good to be back doing these, I always enjoy them, for better or worse. Though I have to admit it took me a long time to get up the desire to post it for today's releases. On the bright side though, at least something is being released!

New Releases

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: This is not the spiritual sequel to Nic Cage's The Weatherman (thank god), it's actually a kids film about gigantic food objects falling too earth (no, not our fat children!). This movie looks like it'll be entertaining. Now if only I could find my care-o-meter.

The Final Destination: No, you see this is different from Final Destination, it has a "The" in front of it. Duhhhhhhh. Is it wrong that I cheer for death while watching the movies in this series? Don't ask me why, but after about 15 minutes I become convinced the world would be better off without them... oh well.

Other Releases: ...........nothing I even feel like typing about (sorry films)

Other Goodies:

Chuck Season 2: I have to admit I've never seen Chuck, but if I didn't post about its release MVP would likely comment about how I could have forgotten it so here it is. He raves about the show a lot, I'll check it out eventually :).

10 Things I Hate About You: Heath Ledger + Joseph Gordon-Levitt in one film, do I need to explain to you why this movie is here?

Alright overall this is a crappy release week. Save your money, next week is going to be filled with money grabbers!!! So be sure to stay tuned.

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TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

ah, you know me well. ;p

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