Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Bodacious Tuesday? Corner 01/05/2010

I don't understand man, a Monday Tuesday Corner? What the hell dude, What's going on!

*shivering* My world is crumbling, black is white, white is orange, Asians can drive, Godzilla and Matt Damon are solving world hunger, please god someone help me!!!!! *takes bite of cake*

Ahhh, whew. Now on with the show! (what show? this guy's on crack) SILENCE YOU!!!!


For your Consideration:
Ah yes the seasonal posts. So much love is in the air. Top films of the year, worst films of the year. Best diuretic of the year? Hmmm, no comment.

All last week the 1001 movie club reviewed everything from 8 1/2 to Magnolia, where we you?

Dark of the Matinee released his top films of the decade list, including a couple from this year. Do you agree?

The LAMBS have umm baaaaahed? Eh screw it, spoken, and have unveiled our top 10 films of the decade (There Will be Blood at #2 With No County at 5 muhahaha, I claim that as a victory)

Life of a Cinephile takes a look at Once Upon a Time in the West from one of my all time favorite directors Sergio Leone.

Julian Stark asks a tough question: could Nine be the beginning of the end for the rebirth of the musical? Voice your opinion soon!

Encore Entertainment breaks the string of love posts for the 2000's and hops all the way back to the 90s and takes a look at the Men (sorry, nothing sexual - that I could determine...) of the decade!

New addition this week, everyone applaud, as GmanReviews informs all of us on how to deal with Film Snobs, this weeks topic: Detective Films.

Great posts, everyone!
Poll Update:
Man you people have a lot of New Year's Resolutions. Alright, well here we go.

Poll Results
1. 6 votes (tie): Manage to Avoid all things Twilight (me too) & Meet Someone Special (am I not enough for you!? *cries*)
3. 5 votes: Lose Weight (I recommend apples)
4. 4 votes (tie): Blog More (wahoo!) & See More Classics (aka see more Kurosawa!)
6. 3 votes: See More Films in General (Kurosawa? please?)
7. 1 vote: other (no comment left - bah humbug!)
8. 0 votes: Blog Less (if you did I'd spank you, but you might like that - yes I'm looking at your Dezmond!)

New Poll: In honor of Avatar making ****load of money I'm wondering, at what percentage do you put its chances to pass Titanic all time. Note it's currently about 800million short on worldwide gross.

Random Stuff
- Be sure you check out all of my 2009 Life in Equinox Awards for excellence in making me love your movie!

- If you haven't listened to me and The Mad Hatter break down our top 5 films of 2009 yet then you may be dead to me... soon. It's only 45 minutes, no bad language, and lots of laughs! Go go go!!!!!

- Phrases I'm hoping to die off in the next decade:
IMHO - when you didn't state an opinion
Gay - when attempting to grade the quality of something
Emo - for anything that is slightly sad.

Alright enough of that stuff. On with the new year. Remember: wear clean underwear, and always comment on my supreme (non-existent) awesomeness!

6 better thoughts:

The Mad Hatter said...

Yay for Tuesday corners!! See - doesn't that beat pushing the whole feature back a week?

Thanks for the additional podcast plug. episode four will be going online Monday morning.

DEZMOND said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DEZMOND said...

Spank me???? !!!!!????????
Oh, I never thought I'd experience another nightmare after watching TWILIGHT (OK,I haven't actually seen the movie, but the trailer scared me enough) :)

On second thought I think this was just another of your New Year wishes and resolutions :PPPP

Univarn said...

@Mad aye. it was nice. Wished I had come up with something more random to make fun of it, but oh well.

@Dezmond Hmmm I think I worded that wrong... or perhaps too correct. We shall never know :P.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Wow. Apparently you're just as funny on Tuesdays as you are on Mondays.

I love the phrases list. Make it a regular feature!!! It's fun [IMHO :)]

Anonymous said...

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