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The Monday Corner 1/11/2009

Hey! You over there, come here! No, not you, the other guy! Yes, you, the guy in the blue shirt, come here!

Hey, now I got a question for you. what? No, I don't have any dimes. Yeesh. Now listen here. I SAID LISTEN! Man, you can't talk to anybody these days.

Now shut up and listen already. Where the hell is this Monday Corner I keep hearing about? A blue frog? What the hell does a blue frog have to do with this Monday Corner thing!?

What? Not a blue frog? A blog? What the hell is a blog? Where did the blue frog go? There wasn't a blue frog? Oh god, now I'm confused! It's here? Where? I don't see a blue frog... I mean blog, here! What's a damn blog anyways, I dunno!

Your computer? A blog on your computer? Great I go out to find the Monday Corner for a drink and idle chat and now I've got to see this guys new laptop. Oh you mean it's on a website. Well son of a bitch, why didn't you say so. I'm going home. Where's my jacket at. Ah here we go.


Oh crap... now I'm seeing blue frogs. Just my luck.

- Written by Uni. Why? Because I had nothing better to write there.

For your Consideration:
Awesome posting this week. You guys almost inspired me to heighten the maturity and increase my vocabulary... almost.

- Encore Entertainment throws down the gauntlet (metaphorically speaking... I think) giving The Lovely Bones a solid B+ (near A-), while giving Reitman's critical darling Up in the Air a lukewarm C+ (near C). Can't wait to see Lovely Bones and compare!

- Riku Writes (no that's not an observation, it's the blog name!) breaks down a simple 12 step program (ok ok I'm an alcoholic sheesh, can we move on!) to becoming a cinephile. MadHatter you only need to read the first 11. I have a feeling you've already taken care of #12 several times over :).

- Stop the Planet of the Apes chimes in (finally) about the 2009 box office monster that is Avatar. He gives it a 6. Click in to see why!

- GmanReviews kicks off his month long Kurosawa marathon with Kurosawa's 1985 King Lear re-invisioning Ran. And since I'm always up for linking happy Kurosawa reviews, you know why it's here.

- Movie Moxie is starting a brand new review series, gearing up for Clash of the Titans: Sword & Sandal marathon. Curious? check it out!

Alright that's it. Nothing to see here boys. Move it along, move it along!

Poll Update:
19 votes!? 19 votes!!!!? Man... makes me feel kind of special *tear* yah know?

Poll Results: Odds of Avatar passing Titanic on all time gross
1. 8 votes: 75% chance (international I think I'm with yah there.
2. 4 votes: 25% chance (you never know)
3. 3 votes (tie): 100% (see above) and 50% (you too)
4. 1 vote: 0% (alrighty gent you put your head out there, reveal thyself and explain!)

New Poll: Jay Leno just lost his 10pm slot on NBC, much to the lack of surprise of anyone (no ratings + mediocre reviews = canceling, duh?). So what did you think of the canceling?

Random Stuff
- This past week I finished reading my first book in quite some time: Craig Ferguson's Autobiography American on Purpose. I highly recommend it. Darkly comic, and yet harshly realistic. He doesn't shy away from his own miscomings, his years as an alcoholic, turbulent lifestyle. He's also damn funny. Pick it up, good, quick, read.

- One thing I noticed on my not-so Monday Corner last week was a comment by Andrew (Encore Entertainment): "Wow. Apparently you're just as funny on Tuesdays as you are on Mondays." - you notice he managed to compliment me by avoiding declaring how funny I am. I have a feeling it originally went like so:
"Wow. Apparently you're just as funny on Tuesdays as you are on Mondays. Which is, sad to say, not funny at all." Damn you backspace now I'll never know the truth!

- More phrases I hope die off this decade:
Dude - May I recommend names as a possible sentence starter?
Yo - Yo as an I in spanish? Yo as in yo-yo? Where the hell did Yo come from? Is You that difficult to say!?
Jonas Brothers - Ok fine, it's not a phrase... but I can still hope the mentioning of them dies off right?

Alright, that was it. No, there's nothing more. I'm serious. Why are you still reading? Go, shoo! Come on I'm not going to put anything random now...


Son of a bitch it's back!

4 better thoughts:

Jake said...

People should devour all things Craig Ferguson. I spent most of my Xmas break going through Late Late Show vids on YouTube (apparently CBS doesn't mind people putting up entire shows).

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

See, now you have me laughing insanely. I'm going to remains silent on that comment from Tuesday [the fifth amendment you people call it, right?] but I will say Monday Corner today is looking mighty fine [not just because of the plug you gave me, thanks] though that does increase your validity. :)
So, consider that gauntlet thrown

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

Jay Leno won't be gone, he'll be back at the 11:35 spot, how well that will work out is a mystery. Frankly I think he's better off going to another network, or NBC needs to just get rid of Conan O'brien. O'brien can't contend with Jay at the late night spot and he gets beat by David Letterman most of the time too. But ratings is not really the reason the Jay Leno Show was canceled, at least not ratings for his show. Sure his ratings weren't great but the show still made money and cost nothing to make. The problem was the rating of the local news affiliates right after his show tanked by 30%. So the local NBC news affiliates started threatening to not air Jay in their cities because people weren't watching the news and they were losing money!

Boo hoo to the news I don't watch it anyways but obviously they have enough pull to make this happen.

DEZMOND said...

Blue frogs, blogs, flogs, dogs ... I see someone's been potting some weed :)))

I loved Jay Leno as a teenager, back when we had NBC Europe, but now we can't watch him anymore. I've always liked his humour (since Connan never really won my love and understanding)

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