Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life in Equinox Podcastmonium #6!

That's right ladies and gentlemen your favorite podcast from the Uni man himself is back for your listening pleasure. We got it all this week, romance, samurai, action, adventure, and of course some intellectualism for your mind to contemplate. Just remember, when you need some podcast love, Uni is always here to oblige. Let's get to it!

RUNTIME: 22 minutes 58 seconds


Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
The Hidden Blade
DGA 2009 Prediction
The Last Picture Show
Debate: Reviewing Classics versus Modern Films

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TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

I'm not lenient on classics, at least not the ones most people think are classic. I don't think my definition of classic agrees with most.

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Great cast Univarn! Always fun to listen to your take on things.

I actually decided not stop reviewing classic films, unless it's for a marathon, challenge, etc. I found the biggest challenge with classic films is context though, often there could have been a very specific context for the film at it's release that isn't as clear now or doesn't necessarily apply to the current (i.e. High Noon). I usually just watch 'em and enjoy 'em and leave 'em be :)

Tom said...

I was taken aback by your description of "old school musicals" and your stereotyping of them as all cheesy and with horrible plot developments. So what exactly would you consider "old school musical"? "Swing Time"? "The Umbrellas of Cherborg"? "Grease"?

Also, your argument seemed to switch from a critique of "old school musicals" (calling them all cheesy) to "old school movies" (assuming you feel the same). So you lost me this week. Your top 10 films has a number of "classics", so I don't understand. Please clarify.

Univarn said...

@MVP I've noticed.

@Shannon Thanks. I see lots of people don't review classics, but yeah. Context does play such a big part.

@Tom Sorry for confusing. The general talk is classics in general, and I sort of winged the convo which is why it hops around so much. What I'm saying is with old school musicals, even the really cheesy ones (Something like Funny Face) I'm more likely to review favorably than say Chicago, which I cared little for.

Tom said...

I see your point, and tend to lean that way myself. I probably wouldn't have watched "An American Tail 2" if it didn't have Jimmy Stewart in it! ha ha.

thistimeitwillbedifferent said...

Just listened to this (yes, I know I'm behind - I'm slowly catching up with yours and Hatter's) so thought I'd come by and have my ten penneth on your debating topic.

I see the dilemma because if you take, say, Star Wars as an example - you can't deny it's an influential and culturally relevant film but if you don't like sci-fi as a genre then, hey, you're probably not going to want to give it a top review.

Personally I like your seperation of a 'movie goer' and 'movie lover' (a movie lover who doesn't like sci-fi will possibly still give SW good marks but a movie goer, possibly won't). As a movie lover I will always try to take account of its influence on current films and (as Shannon quite rightly points out) its context as a film at the time (although some would aruge that that is hard, if not impossible), but, in the end, if it doesn't work for me as an 120-minute bit of film in its own right then I won't let the historical considerations creep too much into my feelings for it.

Interesting topic.

Also - why can't I see your Podcast in my itunes after episode 8?

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