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7 Bottles of Bloggers on the Wall: Kreativ Bloggers

On the latest podcast, I referred to this guy as my BBF (Best Blogger Friend). His name is Univarn, and his blog is A LIFE IN EQUINOX. Univarn has a very distinctive voice in his writing, and knows always finds the sweet spot between entertainment and analysis. The only thing I value more than his writing is his encouraging spirit of community. The blogosphere needs more people like him.

Such nice words directed at me by TheMadHatter. He's a great guy, and blogger at that, so I don't think it came as a surprise to anyone that his name was quickly wrapped up into the latest blogging trend: Kreativ Blogger awards. What surprised me more was when I woke up Friday to find my name among those that he nominated.

It's always nice when someone says they enjoy your blog (even if "distinctive voice in his writing" does sound suspiciously like code for illiterate). While many imagine bloggers as angry depressives in their mother's basement, I've always felt a sense of attachment to fellow bloggers, regardless of their taste. So, while this may be a chain, it's a chain that allows us to express our gratitude towards other bloggers, and that's something I'm all for!

That's the award. Kind of makes you feel all mushy inside doesn't it? Wish I could get that on a napkin or something!

Receiving such a kind honor comes with some criteria as well (7 in fact):

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

Now being one of the 7 I feel as if the job now falls to me to continue on. So let's see.

1) Thanks Mad!!! (I know, I'm too creative)
2) It's over on -------> that side (and ^ up there too)
3) Dark of the Matinee - a blog so sexy even your mom gets goosebumps when you read it (you can steal that for a slogan Mad).

4) Things people find interesting? GUH!

1. As a kid I used to take Karate lessons at a local dojo in order to gain some fighting power! (yo!). One weekend I took part in a sparing tournament at my dojo. I took second place in my belt range... there was only 2 of us in the competition.

2. I seldom, if ever, error check my reviews (until much later at least) and prefer to post them instantly as opposed to scheduling them. Not sure why but I feel as if there's some sort of emotional authenticity to the in the moment review. Granted I seldom write them until several days after I've seen a movie.

3. When MadHatter asked me, during our recent podcast, what a Univarn is I said "nothing." Which is true and not true. I had a feeling he'd ask that so I chose to go with the answer: "nothing" to save unnecessary explanation. In actuality I have somewhere about 9 different answers for that question, and I'll never say which one is right.

4. I don't read a lot of books, stemming from childhood frustration with everyone telling my I'm a slow reader (which is only true when I read aloud). In my life I've read, on my own time, about 5 books (3 of which were LOTR)... which may explain the vocabulary.

5. One of the oddities about my family is perhaps me and my sister. Besides our height, we possess no physical traits in common. My sister taking very heavily from my dad's side of the family, while I take very heavily on my mom's side. One similarity though: Randomness.

6. I'm often described by others as a jack of all trades, master of none. It seems rather obvious to me when I think back. As a kid I wanted to be everything: fireman, astronaut, policeman, director, writer, zoologist, engineer. So many options, seemed like a waste to me to pick just one.

7. In my entire life I've only ever been to one music concert (that I can remember, I'm sure there were others). It was Billy Ray Cyrus (when he mattered) and The Eagles. Since then I've tried 4 times to go to another concert. All 4 times the concert was canceled at the last minute due to "unforeseen circumstances." (As recently as an Aerosmith concert this past summer). I'd hate for a Billy Ray concert to be the only concert I remember my entire life....

AND NOW ON TO THE GRAND FINALE (parts 5 & 6).......

(Note: I love you all but I'm going to try and keep these unique and not repeat others I've seen done)!

1. Encore's World of Film and TV. I follow a lot of blogs, but few put as much of themselves into each post as Andrew @ Encore Entertainment. While reading his blog you gain a real sense of understanding, the things he looks for in movies, and how a movie connects with him personally. It's quite a treat for those humanistic qualities inside all of us. It's that personal nature that separates him from the countless other bloggers out there, and attracts, despite his self-mocking best efforts, his many followers.

2. Common Sense Movie Reviews. The are few bloggers I follow that I disagree with more than TheAnswerMVP, and his blog Common Sense Movie Reviews. There are also few bloggers that I respect the opinion of more than him as well. AnswerMVP is perhaps the most honest blogger I've come across. He knows what he likes, and is sure to tell you what he looks for in film. He doesn't pander his score to the movies others like just because they're classics any more than he does to those of the present. As well his secret file series for the James Bond films are as fun, in depth, and as passionate a take as you're likely to find on the series.

3. Film Forager. Variety and Intelligence. The first two words that come to my mind when I think of this blog. This week alone Film Forager has reviews a Disney film, a Bollywood film, a classic film, and a modern period romance. The passion for film just oozes through with each writeup. Seemingly never afraid to tackle a new genre, Film Forager is a perfect display of what separates a movie goer from a movie lover.

4. ThisTimeitWillBeDifferent. When you combine a knack for analysis, professional writing skills, and a great personality you get ThisTimeitWillBeDifferent. I've been following his writing since god knows when (too long to remember), and with each new article there's always a strong sense of understanding about the movie being reviewed. I can think of no blogger who shows a greater respect, admiration, and sense of intrigue for the opinion of others than Sam, and the approach he takes to his blog.

5. Julian Stark - Movies and Other Things. If you ever want to get into an Oscar debate, Julian Stark may just be your man. Constantly updating, always looking at the whole picture, Stark's blog is inexplicably good to follow. Wonderfully combining movie news with reviews and analysis, Stark shows a great love of insight for the world of film.

6. Hollywood Spy. I'm not sure if there's any blogger as encouraging, optimistic, and fun as Dezmond and his film news blog, Hollywood Spy. You can tell by just reading his blog for a moment Dezmond is in love with movies, tv, and well, just about anything on the entertainment front. Add to that his strong sense of community, getting to know those who follow him, and sharing in return, you got yourself a blogger buddy that outshines most.

7. Life of a Cinephile and Bibliophile. Ever read a blog that reminds you of the days when you first fell in love with movies? MovieNut14's blog wonderfully captures that sense of community involvement, curiosity for all that encompasses film, and yet an intelligence for what makes a good movie well beyond their (or even my) years.

Whew that was tough. Anyone else feel like they need a little break too? Remember those of you newly nominated individuals be sure you pass it on!!!!

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DEZMOND said...

Oh,I'm all in tears and those spotlights at the stage are showing my skin well :))

First of all congratulations to you Ryan, for getting KREATIV BLOGGERS award yourself. Not many people have natural sense of humour and witty charm like you, so you deserve to walk the red carpet ;)

Secondly, thank you for awarding me with the same award, I'm honoured, not just for getting the award from you, but more for what you wrote about the reason for giving it to me. I'm much obliged :))

I shall put the award in my AWARD SHELF over at my blog where everyone can see it and turn green from envy (just joking off course) :)

HOLLYWOOD SPY shall organize its own award ceremony as soon as we get KODAK THEATRE for a night, and you will certainly be invited to the gala ceremony ;)

The Mad Hatter said...

"(even if "distinctive voice in his writing" does sound suspiciously like code for illiterate)"

Like - OMG! Effin' brilliant. I'm actually quite happy to see who you have decided to pass this along to - because without naming names, a lot of the blogs you linked in this post were ones that were ones I really wanted to link in mine but just ran out of road.

Hopefully this brings all of them as big a smile as it brought me when I got it.

Keep up the good work buddy!

Alex said...

Aw that's really nice! And I love the banner you made! I'm working on my list now but I doubt I'll be as eloquent in my compliments as you were.

Good luck with your next attempt at going to a show! Keep at it- Billy Ray really shouldn't be your main live music event.

S.F.H. said...

Yay! You mentioned me.... almost! When talking about yourself! How rude. Just kidding, I love my brother. [cough, wheeze, black death, locusts, apocalypse]
My early birthday presents for you ;).
But really us=random what nonsense is this! Who made up that equation? I want to talk to their publiscist.[ because obviously that would solve everything]
However --This was funny, and useful at least in that whole trying to find people to stalk so they'll stalk me even though I would think a lot less of them if they did because my blog sucks at the moment type deal. Of course now no one will because I said my blog suck..OR they will realize since we are related that it is some backwards aloof way of tricking people into reading it because obviously anything from our family is pure brilliance.

Now that I have posted a huge comment that did'nt really say much I will leave you be, even though I totaly know where you are right now and it's not at your computer.
-Lauren :D

Michele Emrath said...

Oooh new blogs to tear through! Fantastic! Congrats to all the winners!


TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

"There are also few bloggers that I respect the opinion of more than him as well. AnswerMVP is perhaps the most honest blogger I've come across."

That's worth more to me than any award nomination! I appreciate that comment. Don't expect me to start watching anime now though! ;)

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Have not been online for the day [I feel so saintly] so this is a pleasant surprise.

"few put as much of themselves into each post": blood, sweat and tears, it works every time. Seriously though, thanks much and the writeup was nice. Okay, I have to go pick seven...

BUT Okay, five books? Seriously? Grrr!!! But to be fair The Lord of the Rings is like ten. :)

thistimeitwillbedifferent said...

I'm agreeing with Andrew (on the books front) and The Answer (on the anime front). The Answer's comment actually made me snort my tea across the office which shows how long I've been reading your two blogs.

Whenever I see things like this not only does it give me said warm fuzzy feeling inside but it also makes me remember the RT days when there really was a very strong sense of community, destroyed in an instant by some shoddy web decisions and hardware updates (rant, rave, hate, etc, etc.)

I think more than anyone, and as hinted at in Mad's own post, Ryan: you can take a lot of credit for that community not having totally died.

Kreativ post to follow...

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