Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Question to Readers

So, for those that have followed my blog for any length of time, I'm sure you know by now when it comes to directors there isn't a single one within 10 miles of my love for Akira Kurosawa. The guy holds 3 films in my top 10, 4 in my top 50, and 5 in my top 100, there's just no explaining how much I love him as a director. So, here it goes:

This upcoming March will mark 100 years since Kurosawa's birth, something I feel must be celebrated. Also I've noticed not a whole lot of my viewers have seen a lot of Kurosawa films so I was wondering:

1) Would you all be interested if I did a sort of self blog-a-thon leading up to the day reviewing mass quantities of his films

or, instead:

2) Would anyone be interesting in joining me in doing a mini-blog-a-thon looking as just a handful of his films?

I could pick the films, others could pick the films, doesn't matter. Just know if I go on my own I'm going to be reviewing somewhere in the 20+films range, so if there's a group it's prob come down to about 3-5ish. I know it's a long time before then but I'd like to get a feel now so I can start compiling a list!

Let me know!

2 better thoughts:

Alfindeol said...

I've really enjoyed what I have seen of his work. If I wasn't already knee deep in the 1001 movies thing, I would probably leap at an opportunity to watch some more films. Keep me on the slate as a maybe. If more people seem interested, I will jump in.

If you go it alone, I will be an avid reader.

Jake said...

I've already written reviews for Ran, High and Low, Kagemusha, Ikiru, Throne of Blood, Rashomon and Yojimbo (I'm a bit of a fan myself), but I've been looking for an excuse (and the spare time) to revisit Seven Samurai again, the film that got me into film. I could also go back to Hidden Fortress and maybe see Dodes'kaden, Dersu Uzala or Red Beard for the first time (or even his early work provided rental copies of the stuff in the AK25 box get added to Netflix and such).

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