Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Obligatory DVD Post December 8, 2009

Ah yes, Tuesday. The day that usually lives as a reminder that the week isn't even close to being over yet. Isn't that depressing? Oh well. Look on the bright side, a great series of films are being released today! Are you excited, you should be!!!

New Releases:

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince:
Ah yes, the tale of a group of teenagers locked in a castle far from home... sounds like my kind of dream *wink*. Hmmm, ok that was creepy. Honestly though this return to character based story telling really struck a cord with me, and I can honestly say I enjoyed every moment of it. You can read my review here.

Public Enemies: Ah if only Christian Bale had whipped out the "we're gonna get 'em" line I may have enjoyed this a bit more. Feeling overly choppy in terms of execution it seems among my fellow blog readers I'm among the few that didn't enjoy this film all that much. Review.

Julie & Julia: Ah my hopes were dashed when this turned out not to be a Meryl Streep/Amy Adams romance picture! I'm sure it has other merits, but the dream of those scenes still fresh in my head I can't bring myself to watch it *tear*, it's just so difficult!!! :)

World's Greatest Dad: Ah yes I get it, it's supposed to be an ironic title right? Great... ummm got anything else? A film about an asshole profiting from his son's death? Wow, there's an uplifting film for you. Wait you also have Robin Williams nude? Ah hell.... who in the world wants to see that? My Review

The Cove: DON'T KILL DOLPHINS!!!!! How about cows and pigs? Screw them! LET OUR DOLPHINS GO!!!!! Ah, so there is a cuteness to willingness to eat ratio? Interesting, hopefully we never apply that to people *hides*. I'm sure this is a fine documentary, and being the animal rights activist I am (kind of ) I'll see it.

Oldies But Goodies:

AK 100: 25 Films By Akira Kurosawa:
Ah yes, I love Criterion, and if I didn't already own 1/3rd the movies in this thing I'd buy it in a heartbeat (and then some). It's very expensive, and Sanshiro (Kurosawa's first outing) is probably the only film on there not really worth the price (studio films). Other than that it has just about all the essential viewings. Granted I've noticed a general lack of Kurosawa love among my readers. It's ok I more than make up for it!

Not a lot of other stuff released today even worth mentioning. These are the biggies, so go read my reviews and check them out! :P

5 better thoughts:

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

How come your review for HP6 has no grade?

Univarn said...

@Andrew it does, I used to do my scores in the title of the post, and have sense changed that method :)

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Okay, totally spaced on that. Epic fail on my part.

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

HP6 I don't understand the love, all it is Hogwarts 90210. Hopefully getting my Public Enemies Blu-ray in the mail today (best movie I've seen all year by the way). You also forgot to mention Lost Season 5, but it's not on FOX so maybe you aren't watching? ;)

Univarn said...

@MVP haha I'm a huge Lost addict, but I have to admit I don't care much for buying DVD sets so I don't push them much on here :)

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