Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Obligatory DVD Release Post December 29, 2009

*cries* this is the last DVD release post of this year *sniff sniff* I'm sorry, just give me a moment *waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah*

Oh, right.... ummm *flexes muscles* hang on a second while I go grab this boulder in my pickup truck....... Ok, nevermind, I'm not good at acting tough. Anyways, this is the last one. But guess what? Next week there'll be another one!!! Whew, I know I had you worried there for a moment. It's ok though, we all make that mistake.

New Releases:

Paranormal Activity:
YOU DEMANDED IT! YOU BEGGED FOR IT! THEY GAVE IT TO YOU! And now they've waited until after Christmas to let you own it (bad planning). On the plus side all you fans will be happy to see next year's sequel: Paranormal Voyeur, what if the Demon had the camera? dun dunnnn! Ok, I made that up (sounds more like a porn film anyways). My Review.

9: Not to be confused with Nine (stupid marketing people), nor should it be confused with any of the countless films that have inspired it. My Review.

Jennifer's Body: Like totally ok, so I was like OMG to him de oder day and he was like Uh uh, I ain't no G, and I was like what, I said OMG, not UIZG, dummazzz. *jumps off bridge* It's not worth it anymore! My Review.

A Perfect Getaway: A few martinis, an island paradise, women in bikinis, guys in short shorts, serial (not cereal) killers on the loose. Of course I do love the irony of going to an uncharted island with no people on it and no people in the theater.

Other Releases: Carriers, The Marine 2 (why!?), Facing Ali, Princess of Mars, Weather Girl, Half-Life

Other Goodies: I'm sad to report none worth owning (unless you really like The Muppets)

Alright that just about wraps it up, have a good one everybody!!!!

1 better thoughts:

Alex said...

"nor should it be confused with any of the countless films that have inspired it." Oooooh sick burn! (and rightfully so)

Also why on earth would you have a boulder in your pickup truck in the first place? Just keeping it on hand for any necessary displays of manly lifting? That would be silly. But I guess I do always keep some needlework around to show my femininity...

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