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Week in TV Wrapup 11/9/2009

Bones, Season 5 - Episode 7: The Dwarf in the Dirt

After finding the body of a dwarf wrestler, Bones and Booth are called in to investigate. Meanwhile Booth continues to struggle with his psyche seeks the help of old friend Dr. Gordon Wyatt (guest star Stephen Fry) who is well on his way into his new career as a chef.

Dwarfs, wrestling, crime caper, Stephen Fry, really what more could you ask for out of your tv entertainment? Wonderfully written and full of humor I absolutely loved this episode, and would appreciate many more on TV. Perhaps the best part of the episode was the wonderful back and forth conversations between Wyatt and Sweets. Their talks on the mind states of Bones and Booth really give the audience a chance to understand certain aspects of their character that may not be so evident otherwise. We really get into the struggles they have with why they play around the couple issue but never go all in. It's really a great inside episode, perfect for any fan of the series.

Episode Rating: 7.50/10

Fringe, Season 2 - Episode 7: Of Human Action

The Fringe division is called in after a case of mind control forces cops who pulled over a car carrying a missing boy to kill each other. Unsure of how to prevent this the Fringe crew must decide where they are going, and more importantly how they can prevent becoming victims.

I hate to say much about this episode as it's hard to not talk about it's finer details without spoiling it. The episode deals a lot with the past of Peter, lots of subtle insights given via Walter who must wrestle with his broken past. Meanwhile theirs a unique look at the struggle of teenagers and how a tough childhood can really lead people down a painful path. It's probably for the best that this episode isn't really all that Olivia Dunham heavy. Not to say I dislike Anna Torv, she just has such a dull character to play. I really wish though that the episode didn't spend so much time on the mystery and really more on the characters though, this was a good highlight episode that went passed over.

Episode Rating: 7/10

House, Season 6 - Episode 6: Known Unknowns

After a wild night out a young teenage girl comes into the hospital with some severely swollen body parts. Meanwhile House, Wilson, and Cuddy head off to attend a seminar in which House struggles to hide his feelings for Cuddy. Though things get complicated when House realizes Wilson is struggling more over the death of a patient than he usually is.

There's a certain beauty to House that no matter how mediocre an episode is, there's just no shaking it. The episode really builds up a few plots that are obviously going to be season arcs, and the situations for removal of certain characters we knew were leaving anyways. As episodes go this one is rather weak in the mystery department, intriguing if not kind of sad in the character department, with just a bit too much concern for the patient and not the characters. Really though I've always felt House could work without the medical mysteries, and it seems like this season they're dead set on proving that. Of course nothing can be far off dramatic and wonderfully amusing when Hugh Laurie is your star.

Episode Rating 7.00/10

Other Shows:
FlashForward: So much going on, so many stories to tell, and this episode really struggled. Choppy editing, not quite coherent storytelling mask what was a rather interesting series of stories. I really fear this show's going to have played all its cards by the time this season wraps up. 5.75/10

How I Met Your Mother: This season is very NPH heavy, but I have to say I didn't find the episode all that funny, except for the ending that is. 6.00/10

So You Think You Can Dance: I didn't get a chance to see the vote off but I wasn't surprised it was the two who were, never really thought they were standouts. 6.00/10

Big Bang Theory: 30 minutes of Leonard and Penny fighting while Sheldon acts like a kid, not the most hilarious episode, but definitely full of some good laughs, especially among the discussing of the show's platonic relationships.

Castle: If this show ever goes under Nathan Fillion and NPH should team up to make the most awesome show ever made. It would be epic. Oh, and this episode was lots of fun too. 7.00/10

Two and a Half Men: Call it a guilty pleasure, but I just get a kick out of this show when it's on a role. Charlie and Alan's drunken night flashbacks are just insanely off the wall and funny, have a filling this episode may be part of a season story arc. 6.75/10

That's all for this week, stay tuned next time when I possibly do something awesome!!!!! Ok, probably not, but you never know :)

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Grace said...

I thought HOUSE was a 9. I also think your recaps are too short.

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