Friday, November 13, 2009

Obligatory Weekend Movie Post #9

Hey, you over there. Yeah you, in front of the computer. Why not take a moment out of searching for free porn and read this blog post? Why you ask? Because it's basically the same feeling: A few moments of pleasure followed by hours of self-pity and questioning what you're doing with your life. Well, the pleasure is debatable.

Wait is that random humor (questionably) followed by self journal mocking? You bet yah! That can mean only one thing! I'm Crazy? QUIET! No, it means it's time for your Obligatory Weekend Movie Post! Here we go:

Wide Releases:

2012: Ah I love the smell of crappy acting, corruption of an ancient myth as scientific fact, followed by what I'm guessing will be the most ridiculous human saving effort ever put on screen. That's about what we all expect right? Oh well, there is something about mayhem, destruction, and people with end of world complexes but I'm not sure how much this movie will deal with that... ok, I tried.

Pirate Radio: "One American DJ..." Did the marketing people even watch the movie? Phillip Seymour Hoffman, while great, is probably the 5th lead in the movie, let alone not the man behind this whole rebellious plan. With such a great cast, all be it mostly unknowns in the American market (perhaps Hoffman should guest judge American Idol?), you really can't go wrong with this film. Besides who decided the title "The Boat that Rocked" was too difficult to market for American audiences? Is "Pirate Radio" so much better? Did they throw in a Jack Sparrow cameo to try and spice it up? No? Then why the hell did they change it? Oh, they thought American audiences weren't bright enough to get The Boat that Rocked... welcome to America! *doh*

Limited Releases

The Fantastic Mr. Fox: The real secret of the film, it's not really stop motion, George Clooney is just that hairy when not in makeup. Oh I kid. Regardless of how this movie turns out Wes Anderson certainly built one heck of a cast.

Women in Trouble: Carla Gugino in a sex comedy? Say no more, my mind is way ahead of you. I mean really, was there anything quite as sexy as her nude holding a gun in the black and white silhouette scene in Sin City back in 2005? Of course when you have a supporting cast of Adrianne Palicki, Connie Britton, Marley Shelton, and Cameron Richardson you can imagine heads will roll in excitement.

So yeah, as you can imagine not a whole lot going in the release department with 2012 being the big release. I have to admit though, I secretly hope it tanks and Hollywood loses insane amounts of money on it. Force them to have to give us something creative instead of trying to pass falsetto science by misinterpreting a calendar prediction in order to scare those who, despite claiming to be very Christian, find themselves believing in a Mayan end of the world. Though of course if you were to do some reading you'd find out it just predicts the end of this cycle, there's lots of cycles, and their cyclical (shocking right?) and not finite. Oh, but who cares about all that right?

We done.

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DEZMOND said...

You were very humorous today :) You've almost killed me with the George Clooney joke ;PP

Tom said...
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