Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Twilight Hairiness Conundrum?

As you can see above you the upcoming Twilight film New Moon will be featuring the debut of it's werewolves. While watching the trailer something occurred to me... there seems to be something off with Twilight's ability to handle hair.

What occurred to me is if you look at the picture above you'll notice something... the men who are supposedly werewolves lack, well, hair. In fact Jacob, who up until now has been sporting the long locks, apparently doesn't reveal his werewolf nature until he cuts his hair (and maybe a chest wax - it's optional). Then if you look at the "vampires" (still not convinced they qualify) with the exception of maybe one they are sport a rather over the top hair cut.

So, in keeping with what Twilight is trying to tell us, I've come to the only logical conclusion: If you grow out your hair like an anime character you'll become a "vampire," and if you cut it all off, get the full body wax, you'll become a werewolf! Didn't know it was that easy did you? Well haha, you are so overthinking things tisk tisk tisk. Though of course this does beg one obvious question, if all the werewolves are hairless... where does all that hair from their transformation go? Is it ingrown? Maybe it hides in the intestines? If that's the case do they cough up furballs!? Oh that would be great: "Bella I lo.. *cough cough cough* sorry about that, ve you"!!! Admit it, this movie is getting better already!

No? It isn't? You're right... Short of a Godzilla sighting New Moon will likely be a dud over glorified by the fanatics, comically abused by us haters, while those in the middle debate how the hell they can get out of this *oh look a cookie*. So, yeah, what do you think of Twilight's apparent hair problems?

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DEZMOND said...

someone should address this issue on a much higher level, maybe on a national television or something like that :))This is a truly enlightening discovery with an utmost social and cinematical importance :P Somebody has finally found a crack in the TWILIGHT universe :))

watch movies said...

Yeah..I can see someone should address this issue on a higher lever..:-)). It is sad to know that somebody find out the crack in "TWILIGHT UNIVERSE" :((

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