Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Random Thought: Bumper Stickers

So, today while I was on the road driving my car to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things I got behind a car with a rather interesting one. It said:

I'm not that kind of girl

Being the person I am I've decided this is possibly the most idiotic bumper stick you can have. Why? Two reasons:

1) If you want people to back off you probably shouldn't use a smaller font below it to explain why because they have to come in closer in order to read it.

2) If you put this on your car you're a moron because a) how is the guy behind you going to do anything to you in a manner like that if you're in a car and b) the above mentioned is the same except now you've got 2 tons of metal riding your car's butt to read your bumper sticker.

Which reminds me of something someone once told me: (I'm paraphrasing my memory isn't that good) - "I get bumper stickers for myself".... Really? You get something that is personal to you and put out of your sight except on the occasions in which you go to the trunk or are watching your car be stolen and driven off. That's a genius idea. Which brings me to another point, why?

Have you ever once read a bumper sticker and said "oh, well that changes everything." Do you see cars still with Kerry/Edwards '04 and go "ah, yes, thanks for the informative reminder." Or do you see the "Abortion is baby genocide" ones and go wow, I never knew that. Of course not, the appropriate responses are "Wow you still have that?" and "Perhaps you should invest in a dictionary over a bumper sticker" respectively.

Everytime I see "My kid is an honor student at...." I think, good for you, I don't care. How many actually laugh at the Kid urinating on random objects bumper stickers? If you do, you might want to begin some inner reflection... Maybe I'm just a grumpy guy, but really, I have to say 99.99% of the time Bumper Stickers just annoy me. They're a way of displaying personal opinions without any relation to context or point. If you want to change something in the world don't buy a bumper sticker, do some charity work. If you don't believe in abortion, get involved in politics. If you want your kid to succeed stop driving to the ABC store at 11pm trying to catch it before it's closed and spend time with your kid!

I know this is a movie review blog, and this has nothing to do with movies, but I wanted to go on a rant, and I have, and you're perfectly capable of agreeing/disagreeing with me, so yeah, that's over with. Comment at will.

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Jeanette said...

One thing that annoys me are license plates that make no sense to anyone but the driver. What's the point in that?

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